Friday, November 11, 2005

The Statute of Liberty

I am the statue of liberty for wayward men. They look deep into my eyes and hear the proclamation, ‘send me your losers, simpletons, commitment phobic, cheaters and drug addicts. I will welcome them into my bosom and shelter them from harm.’ Like the statute of Liberty I have seen many waves of progression.

In life we are always waiting for a second chance. As each day goes by, I cannot help, despite all the madness, imagining when I will see you again. After all I loved you so passionately once, it cannot have totally disappeared. What will I feel when i see you, living the life we were supposed to have? Will I envy your wife or pity her? Will I look at your children and wonder what our combination would have been like? Will I look into your eyes and still love you? Will we have a passionate love affair? A wild romp in some forbidden manger; with lust, rage, desolation gripping our hearts, consuming us?

Probably not. Probably you will look at me and then away, as you did in real life.

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