Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lists people make at work!

Why I think I may have fallen in (Cannot bring my self to utter the damned word) with Draconian:

I write about him
He has fat cheeks that I find adorable, since he has no ounce of fat on any other part of his body
His buns of steel
His big brown eyes that look at you in a puppy like way when he is obviously trying to get his way
His loud trini phrases
He big bellowing laugh, like he could have been a sailor in a past life
He is good to the cranky TKD kids
His Betty boo lips
The way he snores when he sleeps, and pushes my ear as close to his mouth as is comfortable ‘for him’
The way he asks the divine why he/she made him so perfect each and every single morning that I have stayed over
The nut mix he makes
The way he sang ‘you are always on my mind’ when he didn’t call me the whole day……(during the honeymoon period)
The way he sways his buns of steel to any sort of music
His soft and wild hair
We have the same views on God and religion
He is good to my friends, always asks about them when they aren’t around and not in a odd way,
Buys the special chicken for my family who he has never met
He came over when I was sick (after much whining, but still)
He loves downtown, I mean genuinely seems to like the experience, how could anyone fault that?
He can crack my back-Oh whateva, don’t knock it till you try it
When he kisses me on my neck, it is absolute and instant gratification
He can dance to anything
In times of war, he could carry me to safety.
His serious work persona
He always gives thanks for anything and everything he does
He went into the Jewish Synagogue with me, and did not look at me like I was crazy when I asked.
He bought me the white dress, without hearing my well prepared arguments about why he should buy it.
He makes me laugh
He wore the little Mexican hat, JR sunglasses and a Hawaiian Shirt to play Poker.
He gives fabulous massages
The Adidas shirt that I didn’t fully appreciate
He calls me Mahhhlene
His balcony
He made me the best tea I ever tasted to date
He is getting to the point where the Um could be mind altering, not quite there yet though
The way he irons
His 12 Step Routine to Getting Dressed, Complete with finishing twirl and smile and mirror
He dances with Old Ladies
The way he washes dishes with no shirt on and plastic gloves
His perfect parking abilites (note a bit of a show off)
The way he attributes all good to Trinidad
The way he claims to have every nationality as part of his heritage (only at convienient times ofcourse)

Why I think I should not spend another minute with him:
Blaine like disappearances
His twelve step routine to get dressed every day and his annoyance should you comment on anyone
The way he seems to mind when I hold the elevator door with my body instead of the ‘door open’ button
His constantly changing moods, especially when he is tired
His shadiness, the odd calls at 4 in the morning
The way he talks to other women when I am around
The fact that he is not calling me right now
The little one (not her fault, but is a reason, if I am being honest and all)
He is commitment phobic
Has a history he never talks about
His main aim seems to be to find someone he can have a relationship with but who lives in her own house
He has never once said he liked me, in a year and half, he has articulated no emotion, except various hints at caring
He considered Big Butt (ugh~ the mere consideration is such a loss of a stripe)
He may go to Dubai
The fact that no one besides a few people and I mean two, know that I exist in his life in a meaningful way
The lucky t-shirt, and contact lens solution
He was going to chuck my pink shorts
My Non descript Luffa went missing
My tooth brush is in a bag under the sink
He returns every mislaid item that I accidentally left behind, the next morning without fail
He has an excuse for anything and everything
Has all the trappings of a world renowned life long Player
He locked his phone, when he could have just been more open and honest
I can never plan anything ahead of time and rest assured that he will follow through, examples I cite: Montreal trip, A’s wedding, and anything I have ever planned more than three days in advance

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