Monday, October 30, 2006

In Jdid’s post, he wondered what had become of old friends/acquaintances.

This weekend was all about catching up on the past. Growing up in Dubai, I went to a Catholic school run by Italian nuns, who measured our skirts during recess and would warn us of washing our mouths out with soap should we dare to say anything foul. It was also a school that separated girls on one side of the building and the boys on the other. One precious iron gate become our porous wall of communication, and many an illicit letter and valentines day card passed through it. That iron gate, sure got a lotta love.

The separation of girls and boys enabled us girls to retain our innocence for a little while longer. At fourteen, I was still running around like a tomboy, not wearing any form of makeup to school and loving life. Since I had grown up with the girls in my class, (some from Kindergarten) we were as close as anything. Immigrating to Canada, really made me grow up in a flash, and left a hole for the friendships I had with those girls, free of adult bitchiness. I’ve kept in touch with a few of them, but I do miss having them a hop skip and jump away.

This weekend, a friend from Dubai came to stay with her four month old boy. I hadn’t seen M in about four years and so much had changed. She married her neighbor in Dubai, moved to state of 1000 lakes Minnesota, and had little baby Nat. Truth be known I was a little pensive about meeting her again. After all in the four years she had achieved adult hood, whilst I still party, splash too much money on clothes and for the most part still live like a glorified, (yet wiser) eighteen year old. Glad to report this weekend was great. Little Nat took a shine to me, and soon I was the one rocking him to sleep and playing Goo Goo Ga Ga games with him. Catching up with M made me realize how much I missed having her in my life. Baby and all, she still has her great fun side to her and she is a fabulous mum.

So my picture of ‘happiness’ for the weekend is little Nat!

Oh yeah it didn’t snow this weekend….so the beautiful sky lied, and I forgive it!

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Christina_the_wench said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend and he is adorable. Lucky you! =)