Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why David, Why?

I used to think David Blaine was a really Cool Kat.

I admit I was a sucker for his videos, where he did really interesting card tricks and levitated off the ground. I was intrigued. His handsome Persian looks helped rope me in.

Then I saw him in London, suspended over the Thames River for no apparent reason, living in a box with a light.

I remember the scene vividly, a bunch of Brits standing around cheering for him to look at them. This one fella had a wonderful cockney accent and was screaming, “Wake up you laszy Bastard, we traveled three hours to see you, wake up.” They then proceeded to pellet his glass box with eggs and tomatoes.

Here’s a picture of good Ole David above the Thames:

David is at it again. He is going to be suspended fifty feet above Time’s Square and will spend two days spinning in a gyroscope (up to eight times a minute) after which he will attempt to escape his shackles and some how manage not to fall to his death.

The question remains, why? I know it’s a test of endurance, but surely there are better ways? Will the world be a better place if David does this?

His poor poor girlfriend….I am so glad I dumped him when I had the chance.


bitsandgiggles said...

When does the stunt start? I'll have to go into the City and take a look.

Crankyputz said...

Not sure, but it concides with some Target Sale....they are advertising for it on TV right now....

Marika said...

And just think...that could have been you standing under that perspex box for 10 days, looking at your boyfriend naked except for a giant nappy. How on earth did you give him up?!

Crankyputz said...

You know Marika,

It was a hard decision, I mean he could have gone either way, he could have been the next Houdini.

It was just the crazy look in his eyes everytime we did the nasty that confirmed it, eventually I knew he would propose soemthing outlandish like us get jiggy in the boxes for a month straight.

A girls got to have magician limits..