Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Misleading Lies

I am so bored of animated movies. Every other movie on Pay Per View is animated.

I saw Happy Feet this weekend, and while I enjoyed the great music (They had so many songs, it was like watching a Hindi movie, minus the wardrobe changes.) And I loved the four Latino Penguins. Yet the overall message of the story was so odd.

Sorry for the spoiler here.

Odd penguin who can sing to find his soul mate, saves other penguins, by getting captured, put in a zoo, does a quirky tap dance with his feet, and somehow magically re-appears in the wild with a transmitter which leads humans to the penguins. And the humans somehow kindly put a moratorium on fishing, and all is happy and well…..waddaaaaa????

Who wrote this nonsense?


solitaire said...


The only animated movie I can stand these days is "Shrek".

I have not seen Happy Feet but it looks like a sweet movie. Although I'm one who CANNOT take all the dang singing. Even when I was in elementary school I HATED movies with singing. Stop it already! AAArgh!

Lene said...

yeah, and how come there aint no black penguins???

Leon said...

I hate them too. The overload, not the movies themselves. And all penguins are black in a sense Lene.

Crankyputz said...

Um the Real Question is why aren't there any Indian Penguins up in there, or little Arab penquins,........?????

cool destiny said...

Yeah, I heard it was crap too and it didn't help when I saw on CNN how they claim the movie had "political agendas" for global warming and some other BS. Will watch on cable.