Wednesday, January 10, 2007

To the Society of Romantics & Mislead Hopefuls,

I would like to politely point out that today is January 10th, over a month away from February the 14th.
Why am I being taunted by Valentine paraphernalia already???????

As a retired member of your society I must say that I find all this targeting completely unnecessary. As you will note in my letter of resignation, I returned IN FULL, all vials of hope I had initially been born with.

Please do not try to lure back into the society with plush roses….or my favorite blue Orchids
(~ oh yes I saw the email from hallmark, how clever of you to use Blue Orchids~)

I also see you’re getting particularly devious, sending a beautiful Spanish man, to seduce me back into the fold. Granted he is absolutely delicious to look at, and he can dance, and he even has a proper job (I would say career, but this may be a stretch.) But please know I AM on to you. Sure I’m going out with him tonight…(oh fine bring up the fact that its my first real date in years)…...but I hold no illusions….he is too good looking for his own good, and I have a PHD in pretty boys.

I thus demand your society stops harassing me immediately. You guys are worse than the Jehovah Witnesses. At least they have the decency to be absolutely terrified of me, (all because I welcome a little debate…jeez…)


Lady Putz


Miz JJ said...

Lol @ having a PhD in pretty boys. I hear that. Have a great date!

Melody said...

Like they say, Cranky: "It ain't paranoia, if they're really out to get ya!" Naw, they're not out to get ya -- they figure if they wait, you'll get yourself:)

Crankyputz said...

Mel its a conspiracy.

There is red everywhere.

And little fuzzy bears.

And heart shapped things.


Abeni said...

Any day that they give you chocolate is excellent in my opinion:)

Leon said...

January is a slow month businesswise, so they wanna make a killing on the next holiday.

Teenage Perfectionist said...

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Jdid said...

in about a day they will have finished sducing you back to the dark side or is that the red side :-)

hope you had fun on your date

bitsandgiggles said...

I can't believe I didn't read this post yesterday. How was it?

Kingston Girl said...

So how was the date??

I'm pleased you are aware to the whole valentines situation - and as you have your eyes wide open, I'm sure you'll not be one of those girls who keeps going n dates with some guy just because valentines in approaching and they want some flowers!

Crankyputz said...

KG: see above....Oh your right totally don't fall for all that...however when someone does 'surprise me' i have been known to swoon with the best of them....hey this is an honest blog.