Monday, February 19, 2007

Let's take It Slow

I saw Little Miss Sunshine over the weekend…..and loved it.

I know some of you saw it and thought it was slow… parents (who are hardly a Ebert and Roeper duo, so Gosh knows why I listened to them) said it was mighty boring….

I thought it was insanely good: story wise, comedy wise, tragedy wise…..GO SEE IT!

The last scene in the movie is of little girls competing for a beauty pageant. The girls are dressed up like little tarts with big hair, make up and skimpy little outfits. They were shaking their behinds and smiling coyly; true Tarty behavior from eight year olds.

Little girls should not be sexual. They should not be wearing make up, they should not be obsessing about their weight or their hair, or their clothes, or be wearing bikinis. Little girls should not be dressed in anything resembling what their mothers may be wearing or have worn in the last fifteen years. (I would like to say twenty, but heck it is fifteen years olds who are having babies these days.)

What I realized from my trip to India is the main difference between our North American society and Asian societies in general, is that we are sex obsessed. With freedom has come obsession. We sexualize everything to the point that nothing is sacred, shocking or even interesting. I am not scandalized when I hear a sixteen year old girl is pregnant, it seems so much a part of everyday life.

India is a romantic society. Even though it is hot, you don’t walk around in the streets wearing booty shorts. You don’t wear skin tight tops during the day, because it isn’t necessary. I am not saying Indians aren’t fashion obsessed. Nightclubs out there are filled with drunk leather mini skirt wearing girls, falling over themselves after having one too many to drink. There are strip clubs and brothels. Yet there is a time and place for sex. Kids grow up slower. Little girls play hop scotch. Teenage girls run around with boys playing hide and seek. Sure things happen, but life seems a little simpler, and a little more innocent.

We judge here. We judge based on what people wear. We judge on if they are carrying a name brand. We judge on color coordination. Maybe it’s us older people setting a bad example. Sure it is important to be the best you can be. Looking good is a great part of life, but it shouldn’t be an obsession. We should be able to go out in a trashy shirt and jeans and not care. We should be able to be ok with five extra pounds, and not be obsessed about having flat washboard abs. We should judge people on their actions, not just their pretty looks. Perhaps we are passing down our insecurities to the next generation.

I never thought I would lament the days of lace frocks that itch, and bow clad frilly shirts. But every time I walk by stores selling booty shorts and bikinis for little girls, I cringe.

How do we go back? How do we stop kids from growing up too quickly? From caring too fast about make up, boys, sex and most importantly having babies, whilst they are still themselves babies?


Marika said...

Oh here here. There was a scandal in Australia last year (the year before?) when one of our local designers released a collection of swimwear for kids (4-12) that included g-string bikinis. There were protests etc and they were withdrawn, but now it's out there. How long till it resurfaces?

I have a niece who's 5 and every time I shop for her I'm shocked.

Crankyputz said...

Marika, G string Bikkins? Why? That's just sick......

Stunner said...

I agree with you. Certain clothes are not meant for children.

bitsandgiggles said...

Seriously. It makes me worry for what they'll be wearing by the time I have kids.

GC (God's Child) said...

thought I left a comment; guess I didn't
yes, this movie did a good job portraying just how scary this phenomenon is

Jdid said...

some too force ripe.

It really is appaling in my opinion. kids ned to be kids. when they are teenagers they can discover that stuff but this society is ridiculous.

Miz JJ said...
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Miz JJ said...

I loved Little Miss Sunshine. It was cute and funny. The dad was a bit of an ass, but he came around towards the end.

When I see a little kid dressed inappropriately I just look at the parent. Who would let a child dress like a streetwalker? It speaks volumes about the parents.

Abeni said...

Great post. It scares me the way I see little kids and pre teens dress. I often wonder if some parents are for real.No time for these children to enjoy their childhood at all

ms. complexity said...

Teach these little dummies that they don't have to do everything their punk ass friends have to do.

Parents should be PARENTS, not 'friends'. My parents aren't my friends. They are there for me, they love me, I talk with 'em but. WE. ARE. NOT. FRIENDS. They have been set above me and I will obey them, even though I'm so far away.

Eff these stupid kids. They all make me sick.

Great post. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought those little girls looked whorish. Look at all the makeup on their face! The second picture - what's with that munchkin on far left? Was she Black? Asian? I see future video ho in her horizon.

Oh yeah - the only funny parts - "Superfreak" (natch) and the grandfather when he's talking about chicken. I was pissed that they killed him off. He was an integral part of the family.

What did you think of the dummy who took an oath of silence?

jennifer starfall said...

i saw little miss sunshine in the theater when it came out, and i hope that my future children (hopefully at least one girl) get to be as normal as olive.

i agree with you. maybe andrew and i should move to india?

GC (God's Child) said...

I'm back with a link
go here
Only trouble is, they focus on Moms but still you might want to know.

Anonymous said...

India is not romantic. Do you know how much porn comes from India? Check it out.

When social engineers want their citizens to have more sex, they limit access to sex in society. Since Indians don't see it all day, they run to it in the form of porn and brothels.

Americans are having the least amount of sex they've ever had. We are saturated with sex, which makes us run from it. Women are not half as easy as they were in the 50s or 60s. Since we've taken sex out into the open, its become limited for the average citizen.

Wake up, its about population control, not nastiness.