Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fathead recently went for an interview for a summer position at my mum's work, this is what the manager who interviewed him, sent the rest of the team this morning:

Hi John:
As mentioned, I interviewed this candidate last week. He is a first year Management student. He is a personable and ambitious individual. He is interested in pursuing an MBA upon graduation and is interested in focusing in Marketing, Finance or Human Resources. He was accepted into an apprenticeship program as part of his studies where he was able to demonstrate his entrepreneurial and business acumen. He was hired at AE as a seasonal worker but due to his positive attitude and enthusiasm has been retained beyond the Christmas season. He started at East Side Marios as a dishwasher and was promoted to a line cook position within a month of being hired (normally this doesn't happen for four months). He showed initiative by learning other positions early on so he could fill in for workers that couldn't come in for their

I would recommend him for a position as a
Summer Student at Blah Blah.


I loved the part of Fathead being promoted from dish washer to cook
in a month....I am going to save this email, and one day when he's a big
shot, I'll bring it out so he can eat from some humble


Miz JJ said...

Is fathead your brother??

Crankyputz said...

Hey Mizz J, Fathead is indeed my brother