Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Bunnies:

This weekend was very productive:
~I got a new job-(same company but I’m moving away from the old people: Pensions~ back into the world of the living: HR)
~Blue Belt TKD
~Bagged myself a crooner

Saturday night S and I decided to celebrate the impending resurrection, or at least that was our excuse. We landed at Alley Catz, a great little club in Toronto that has a great line up of live music throughout the week. Their Monday Salsa Night is sizzling. So we are up there doing our thing, practicing for when we are in the Bahamas, shooting tequila, taking in the sights, when I notice the male lead singer of the band smiling at me. As the night progressed, Mr. Crooner was all out singing to me. The entire club eventually caught on and all the groupies began to get a little boisterous. At the end of the second set, Mr. Crooner comes up and introduces himself, and we get chatting….

Sunday and Mr. Crooner, like a good man calls and says what you doing tonight I am playing at so and so….

What are the pros and cons of dating a crooner?
Pros: It’s pretty hot when a man sings to you at a club…
Con: Groupies~& they sure can get a little crazy
Pros: It is sexy when a man plays the saxophone…
Con: Can’t really party on the weekend together, he works on the weekend
Pros: When you guys have a fight, he could sing a little song to make up
Cons: Your bound to be envious of his se la vie lifestyle, he gets to sleep in every single day….

At our TKD testing we had a guest appearance by some hot shot Toronto Martial Artist. His technique was impressive, but much more impressive was well…..take a look at the picture:

(Lickn my Lips....)

Happy Easter Monday Dhallins…..why isn’t it a holiday?


GC (God's Child) said...

You know what happened on Easter Monday? The disciples had to get up early to go fishing. That's why it's not a holiday.

congrats on the crooner. Leave the martial artist to me. Share.

bitsandgiggles said...

Ohhh, two pretty men. Nothing wrong with dating a musician as long as he has a semi-steady gig. You are no man's meal ticket ;-)

Crankyputz said...'d have to fight me for him, How goods your roundhouse kick???


Jdid said...

sounds like you had fun

SimplEnigma said...

Mr. Crooner called the next day - despite him working on the weekends, and being out late the night before, he called the next day. I like him already.

Go you! Congrats on the new job and stuff...

Crankyputz said...

SE: But what are the next steps? I mean he called and said, the number that shows up is my number, so you can use it when you want to get in touch with me...

that's too much work, I mean he is supposed to call and ask me out properly yes?? Not just to his nightly gigs? Cuz that's more like event planning??

Marika said...

Um...why isn't it a holiday there? We had a holiday here and it seems pretty unfair not to. It bookends Good Friday and the weekend so well.

I think your crooner sounds lovely. If you get married you'd be Mrs CrankyPutz Crooner. That has a very nice ring to it.

SimplEnigma said...

Aha...the catch. I thought he called and asked you out properly. Yes, he's supposed to do all that, and don't you go calling his number that pops up in your caller ID either. If he's interested, you deserve more than "call me at the number in your caller ID when you feel like it".

*stupse* (annoyance stupse...LOL) Why people can't just act right?

Miz JJ said...

You are just picking up all the dudes. I say get to know Mr. Crooner. You never know he may be shy in his personal life. Heh, I am so naive.

Kingston Girl said...

We had the holiday here on monday - well needed!

I say go for Mr Crooner - it will make good stories for us to read at least!

Abeni said...

We had a holiday but I wonder why it's one but am not complaining.

yes to that martial arts guy