Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Return of Crankiness

There is a reason I named this site Cranky Putz,

It was supposed to be my out let; My Outlet for whining, and being petty, my cranky zone.

Then all you good folks started reading, and like a circus entertainer, I felt compelled to be witty and funny. Funny and witty are more entertaining than depressed and cranky.

But today I am in prime cranky mode; And I want to Complain, So here you go:

~I am allergic to something. I know this because I am breaking out like crazy, and have a ‘Rudolph the red nose reindeer’ nose to boot. Thing is I can’t figure out what it is. All I know is I feel itchy all over. My diet hasn’t changed, I still work out, what the F&%%?

~My date for the wedding cancelled. I thought taking a girlfriend was supposed to be a safe bet? I mean, I asked her months ago, and she said yes. I clearly mentioned that it was the May 24 weekend and that it would involve two separate days of festivities. I gave details. Based on her response I replied +1. And now she casually mentions that she is going to visit some random person. I am all up for romances but what happened to honoring ones commitments?????

~I hate power point. And I hate that my new job seems to entail hours of drawing boxes and connector lines. Seriously it’s just a bloody line. Why is it so hard to do???? WHY?

~I am absolutely furious as my family. Granted I live at home rent free, but heck I am saving towards a worthwhile goal. Also I contribute, take out is always on me. So why then did I have to hear about how tight fisted I am all weekend long? I even bought a case of beer for pops which I honestly feel like returning. Can you return beer?

~In protest I’ve been buying my lunch instead of taking leftovers, I am sick of Teriyaki chicken.

~ Men. Him, the one of which I don’t speak of and don’t think of, well except every ten minutes like an annoying MC song. Why is my subconscious being so insolent and not forgetting about him, like it has clearly been dictated to do? I think I’ve got a faulty consciousness.


bitsandgiggles said...

Don't return the beer, drink the beer. And, I'm sure your friend is usually fabulous, but she's being a complete spaz by tossing the wedding aside for what seems to be a silly fling.

I have an exam tomorrow. Bring the beer here and we'll drink it tomorrow at 10:05pm.

The OE said...

I've filled in on many a wedding date. Apparently the trendy thing is to show up with a dashing secret agent at one's side.

Silk Cotton Jumbie said...

Hmm, go stag... or is it 'doe'? I dunno, never could keep up with the modern youths, I am a Cranky Old Man. You may meet an 'Interesting Stranger'. Hell, weddings are the second most popular places romances start.

That being said, beer ships well, I'll even pay half the freight.

And saving for a worthwhile goal seems, well, worthwhile. Now and then though, you might need to remind them that your worthwhile goal is, well, worthwhile.

And stop 'dissing men' - we happen to like women, and beer of course. ;-)

(Shhh, don't let on I still think of a certain someone from a long time ago).

Jdid said...

leave witty and entertaining to me

sorry about the allergies
damn you're getting turned down by the same sex too? thats just rough :-)

i dislike power point too

try something else besides teriyaki chicken.

stop obsession over the man nuh! it just wasnt meant to be move on.

Kingston Girl said...

Go for the mysterious, I'm too cool to need a date, image at the wedding, have everyone watching you and envying your self-confidence.

Indulge yourself - think of the one you can't get out of your brain as much as possible. That way, you'll be bored of him being in your brain soon and hopefully he'll then move out.

Good luck!

Miz JJ said...

Take me to the wedding! Take meeee!!! Kidding.

I hate powerpoint. I work with a bunch of old people who act like technology is beyond them. ARGH. Hate PowerPoint. It is evil.

I have a faulty consciousness as well. It never lets me forget stuff.

SimplEnigma said...

1. Funny and witty can be draining sometimes. Complain all you want, girl. We'll still be here reading (and thanking our lucky stars that we have more considerate friends...LOL)

2. Too bad this wedding isn't in the states...I've crashed a couple weddings before, so I'd go with ya.

3. Family will always have something to complain about. I just ignore 'em or really give 'em something to complain about. Like the time I went AWOL for 3 months after they said I don't call...that was pretty gratifying.

4. Give him the beer and a nice gift to boot...but make sure you backdate it about 3 weeks before the complaining. He'll feel terrible.

5. Maybe you've developed seasonal allergies like I have. Didn't have them, then one spring I started itching and got hives...blasted continent.

Crankyputz said...

Miss J, I am seriously running out of options, so your volunteerism no matter how flippant may be taken seriously....
that would be a strange conversation at dinner, how do you guys know each other?

OE & Kingston Girl: One would like to show up with a dashing man, I stayed away from the man concept since I didn't feel I could trust a man to keep his promise 3 months later, hence I went the girl route. Now I can't show up -1 since the couple has paid for a plate for the +1, so now out of sheer consideration for the couple I must find a +1. sigh!

SE: Where you been girlfriend? Three whole days and no posts, some OC's like myself check all the time you know. I hope its seasonal allergies, ...I hope!

Marika said...

Complain away, it's the definition of healthy.

I am so intrigued by your little man dressed in gold. Is he someone special?

Bush Babee said...

As my first official comment on your blog. I feel your pain. My blog has kinda turned into the dog and pony show also. Bitch all you want. I'll come back for more!




Leon said...

Go ahead. Let it all out. We'll have a good laugh in the meantime.

Crankyputz said...

Leon: I love that you are so supportive, you remind me of my little brother.

Bush Babee: Welcome Welcome....(you can see it, but I am rolling out the red carpet for you!)

Marika: I lost you on the little man dressed in gold???