Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random Thoughts on Thursday....

You know your getting addicted to Craigslist, when you walk in to Pier one and ask them if that’s the best price they’ve got.

It’s quite at the office, and with all the moving excitement very hard to concentrate at work.

Surprise phone calls from secret agents make a girl smile. (Note I did not identify which girl.)

I am in love with the Samsung 32” LCD at Best Buy, even though all I really can afford is the Prima or Westington (Whose heard of Westington anyway?)

Conundrum: To warranty or not to warranty…..on $1000 is it worth paying an extra $200??

Salad King currently has coconut shrimp and Thai Islamic Noodles on the menu. These are two of the most amazing dishes I have ever tasted, and if I wasn’t so darn poor I would have probably had every meal there this week.

It’s sunny in Toronto today, but windy.

I went to Ikea yesterday and noticed everyone was walking in twos.

I also ran into my hot dentist. Who did not recognize me? I was mildly insulted. At first I thought it was because my hair way tied up, but we passed each other several times and not once did he smile. I visited the man every other month for three years, men really are fickle…. (Ok fine dentist men.)

Ex-boyfriends you work with are pains big fat pains.

I had a headache this morning, so I took a Tylenol. Question: does Tylenol just dope your entire body? How does it know which pain to take away??

Owen Wilson tried to commit suicide? Aside from wishing him a safe and speedy recovery, it made me sigh. Isn’t it ironic how you think someone has everything (crooked nose aside) and yet they are self destructive?

How do I sneak out of here early??

I sign my life away today….and I am anxious. I have a feeling that I may be one of those jittery brides. I mean I can sell the house, but marriages well those are forever and ever……and ever……

I can’t wait to send you guy’s pictures.

Ps. I am reading your blogs, even if I am not always commenting…


Jdid said...

maybe your dentist didnt recognize you because you didnt open wide and say aaaahhhh

Fiyah said...

I was just going to say that Jdid! LOL! I imagined Cranky walking past him one more time with her mouth wide open and him doing a double take and a "Heeeeyyyy... how are ya?!" ROFL

Miz JJ said...

Lol @ trying to negotiate in stores. I wish. I just bought a chair and they said it would take 6 weeks. It has been 6 weeks and now they say I can not get it until the end of October. ARGH!!! Not impressed at all! Oops...not my post.

No warranty. By the time it breaks the warranty will be over and it will be time to buy something new.

Christie said...

Ikea is my favorite store. I go for cute, cheap stuff, Jay goes for Swedish meatballs that only cost $1.75.

Mad Bull said...

I like this list of your thoughts thing... I may try it one day. My favourite was :

>>> How do I sneak out of here
>>> early??

GC said...

why is Owen WIlson's suicide attempt in the news?
My God. The man won't have any peace now, just when that's what he was hoping for.

Abeni said...

lol,the dentist only notices teeth. First,am hearing abt Owen Wilson but it's a reminder that the rich and famous don't always have rosy lives

Leon said...

Amusing thoughts as always. About Owen Wilson, money doesn't = happiness. About the dentist, maybe he has a bad smile and maybe he's afraid of being exposed as a hypocrite. And about the warranty, decide based on your level of clumsiness.