Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tis The Season:

(pic courtesy of : http://wvs.topleftpixel.com/)

For Snow Storms: This weekend Toronto got hit my a major storm. I was happily snug in my condo, with a friend, watching cars get stuck on Eglington and marveling at the yuppies who still managed to find the courage to jog in a snow storm

For Chocolate: Working near a large retail store has its advantages. Downstairs the wonderful people at Lindt have set up a marvelous booth, where they make fresh delicious chocolate that melts in your mouth….I’ve been averaging four visits a day since last week……

For Panicking about gifts and packing: My gifts this year are less than spectacular….loved ones be warned. It’s been fun trying to give creative gifts that look like a hundred dollars, but only cost me $20…..I am giving lessons at request…my rates are oh so reasonable.

For Blogger meet ups: Funny how me a Dubai/Indian blogger has somehow made it into the Caribbean blogger set…..anyhoo we bonded over Indian Chinese food, and it was good times…

For New Toys: My early Christmas/Birthday gift is the blackberry pearl. I feel about 60, since I can’t figure out how to do the most basic things on it….and the keyboard, despite it supposedly resembling a normal computer key board, is a mystery to me!

For Pretty Suitcases: I leave in 8 days……..and I have sexy suitcases, and a hot outfit…I’m flying style this year, no more crappy suitcases with ropes tied around it….I’m high class babeeee….

For 30th Anniversaries: Today’s my parents big 30 anniversary. Talk about a huge milestone…….Over the years I’ve witnessed them fight, threaten to kill each and other, and love each other with more passion than movie characters…..may they have 30 more years together…..(also if they could have a notebook like end, that would be most preferred, I can’t imagine one without the other.)

How's your season going??


Stunner said...

Jogging in the snow! Yuppies are the strangest creatures on earth!

You need to be careful with those chocolate temptation, before you know it you'll start seeing where it is all going!

I bought myself a nice 4 piece Dockers suitcase set I saw at JC Penny on sale for $99! No more odd mismatch suitcases for me!

Lene said...

yeah, that blackberry pearl is confusing. the blogger meetup was bananas! all hail american chop suey!!!

i need me some lindt chocoloate. i heard they have an outlet in scarborough somewhere.

GC said...

my comment disappeared

pics please
suitcase please
be safe please

Urban Sista said...

The meet-up was bare jokes, Cranky. It was good to meet you and the rest of the gang in person! We should plan another one for 2008.

After you reach a certain age -- and I won't say how old I am -- yuh mus get a phone dat is simple and straightforward wid big buttons. Makes life easier ;)

Happy holidays!

Abeni said...

still doing exams but in between I have been managing to get some shopping done. Am toying with the idea of getting contacts...sick and tired of glasses

The OE said...

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow will stop a covert operative

bitsandgiggles said...

OH! I have a BB Pearl! You are younger than I am. I have no doubt you can master the freaky keyboard ;) Email me if you think I can help!

What color did you get? Mine is red.

SimplEnigma said...

Hmmm, I'd like to hear more about this "friend" that you were stuck with in your apartment during the snowstorm.

BB Curve is much better than the Pearl. Pearl screen is too small, IMO.

I bought a travel bag from Diane von Furstenburg (I know I jacked up her name, but can't be bothered to check the spelling) and it's so original. I'm happy with it. It's a catch 22, cos' my friend had unique luggage, and I think it tempted them to break into it...check out ebags.com if you're ever looking for good deals.

You'll soon meet another Caribbean blogger and an Australian blogger. Hehe.

I haven't bought a gift...but I think cash is the best gift ever...as long as I have envelopes, I have gifts. LOL.

I'm debating a last minute trip to a secluded beach hotel in the Bahamas for 4 days...I leave on Friday - if I decide to go.

Stephen Bess said...

I love Lindt chocolate. I'm looking forward to family this holiday season. Take care~

Jdid said...

great meetup, glad you included the retired blogger like me.

actually the whole meeting was hilarious, i'm laughing just thinking about the banter.

Irie Diva said...

yeah the curve is the way to go...

Merry Christmas when it comes! :)

Crankyputz said...

SE, Ness, it would be mean to tease, when art thou coming???

dalia said...

don't listen to urbansista... she lost in the times... a fancy fone rules.

meetup was jokes. we "caribbeans" have a song called 'brown girl in the ring'--let's say it's about you, and you've entered our ring. dig?

sexy suitcases rock. have fun. i'd have like to have you at my place for the holidays, but ask anyone--i'm the party princess, so there'll likely be a party chez moi in '08.

my parents are on the 35th anniversary... it's admirable, yet so hard to live up to.

be safe! come back in one piece! bring me back a sari and some jingly bangles! lol

(kidding. some pics will do just fine)


Crankyputz said...


lol we all have the song brown girl in the ring....joker...

Ill bring you pics of a sari and bangles!!!

marangand said...

Merry Christmas to you........

Jogging in a snow storm???? Dont want to sound racist but whispering (must be white people)

IT did take me awhile to get used to my pearl too, but eventually i did it....loving it now!