Monday, January 21, 2008

Saturday Night at McD's

Have you ever Been to a McDonald’s play pen on a Saturday night?

Saturday Night at Mc D’s is : Single, Divorced Dad’s night

Droves of them, sitting on the chairs, with their papers, the disinterested ones merely glancing up every now and then to see the kid is still there, the involved ones, actually jumping up and down with their kids to signal enthusiasm.

It’s sort of sweet, sort of sad.

Sad because there’s a whole slew of men out there who only get to see their kids for one day of the week. (Sure they had a choice in the matter, but sad nonetheless.) Sad that the only place they can take their kids is Mc Donald’s; because combined with the crappy Canadian weather and the over whelming fear of crazy peoples, our kids are doomed to the insular, yet safe world of a McDonald’s play pen.

On the plus side ladies, it may be a good place to meet an emotionally stunted single dad....


Miz JJ said...

Note to self: Get dressed up and go trolling for single dads at McDonalds.

Radmila said...

Listen, men with children rarely come without the trials of the ex.
Any young woman who chooses a man who has children from a previous marriage or relationship is biting off something that is hard to chew.

Before you young women run off to McD's looking for a guy, heed my words.

I'm not just talking through my hat. If you don't mind being 2nd, 3rd or last in your man's life...forge ahead.

Robot Zombie Vampire said...

Try to find a guy there that only has one kid, is driving a nice car, but is dressed horribly. That has all the trappings of a project man in desperate need of a women to spend his looneys on.

Jumbie said...

Hey, I'm one of those dads!!!

That aside, some of use has to make the best of a bad situation... and as an aside ladies, sometimes we're not the one at fault.

Jdid said...

what makes you think the men had a choice? or all of them had a choice?

and agree with radmila cause if you get into that situation remember you need to accept being second fiddle to the child

Crankyputz said...

Hey now, I think single dads always get the raw end of the deal.....though there are a few instances of them choosing to be in that situation....

Rad: You hit the nail on the head

Miss J: Please put away your trolling clothes...its Mc D's after all!

Vamp: Anyone can get a nice ride on lay away...come on now...

GC said...

I'm with Jdid
hard for the Dads to catch a break in court.

But you most definitely want to meet a guy who, if he has kids, acknowledges their existence and makes some type of effort to spend time with them. Consider how often it comes out after several months that he has a kid but is dodging the mother and has no bank account because he refuses to pay child support.

Christie said...

And a good place for your kids to pick up some horrible disease. No kidding, my middle son went down the slide at McD's when he was little, and came out covered in crap. And it wasn't his. Some kid had pooped IN the slide, the parents must have known it, too, and then left. Leaving it for other children to go through. Gross.

dalia said...

yeah, i met a hottie with a body and the whole kit and caboodle once... and thought "okay, pass me the pen, i'm signing up!" and then i learned he had a four-year-old daughter.



i REALLY like being first in someone's life. and, as an only child, it comes quite naturally to me. i understand that one day, as a mother, i'm going to be anything but #1, but i think i should be allowed the time to be the top-priority gal in my guy's life. i can't (and won't) compete with a four-year old. she'd win every time.

i don't like those odds.

Radmila said...

on what christie said...she's right.
Apparently, they don't disinfect those balls every day...who knows when or how they do it?
With children playing there, you know there are some serious bacteria and viruses floating around in there.

Mad Bull said...

Oh, I don't know. If you're a reasonable woman, why do you need to come first? Recognise the man has a commitment and settle for second for awhile. Why do you need to come before his child? Thats just being greedy, IMHO. Based upon your comments, all those men who want nothing to do with a single woman with kids are on to a good thing too, huh?
Personally, I disagree with you all.
You might just be missing out on a wonderful relationship by avoiding someone just because they have a kid/kids.

dalia said...

mad bull, if a man didn't want to date me 'cause i had a child, i'd totally understand. i have a health problem that will be with me for the rest of my life, and some men have decided not to date me 'cause of it. no harm, no foul. i understand. if the shoe was on the other foot, i wouldn't date someone like me, either.

i just take it as that person isn't the person for me, and the guy who takes me as i am is the prize. same thing for a man with chillens. i've been there before, and you know what? don't like the odds... 'specially if the kid is BAD! lol

and read what i said carefully. i certainly didn't say i NEED to come before his child; i know i WON'T and i wouldn't EXPECT to. instead, i'll find me an unencumbered man.


chacun a son gout.

ps - kidS? kid with an s? plural? fuggedaboudit. one is more than enough.

pps - you have kids, dontcha? LOL the way you gettin all bothered an' ting. lol

Chris said...

Me thinks that Dalia just pwned! Mad Bull.

Radmila said...

I'm with dalia on the need to vs want to.

Plenty of men choose not to be with a woman who has children even though they have children themselves. Not everyone wants to take that on. It's only fair for people to understand that not coming first is not a "maybe" but a "for sure"....and it's not "for a while" but for good.
Why would a young person (male or female) who has no baggage sign up for that?

Especially if they don't completely understand what they're taking on.

Leon said...

Wow. That truly is sad. If it were Chuck E. Cheese's, it wouldn't be so bad.