Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Things that happened whilst I was away:

The GST went down from 6% to 5%
Benziar Bhutto was assassinated, was she brave or crazy, I can’t decide
A $2500 mini car was launched in India…funny I already thought India had affordable death traps…I thought they were called Rickshaws
The sun decided to hide out for a while…I’ve been back three days and the sun is no where in sight…
Fathead killed three of my four plants, Now you have to be pretty talented to kill a bamboo plant….Fathead is thus renamed arch nemesis of all things living

Did I miss anything with you guys??


Stephen Bess said...

I'm with you on that. Little cars scare me. As for Bhutto, she seemed to feel that her cause was more important than her own survival. Most of us cannot understand that mind frame. I'm not there yet. Peace~

Miz JJ said...

I think with Bhutto it was just a matter of time.

LOL @ Fathead. Boys will kill everything plant related.

Jdid said...

man he is really talented cause bamboo is almost immortal.

Leon said...

Eh. That's pretty much it.

Jumbie said...

Correction to Miz JJ:

The best gardeners, like chefs, are men.

GC said...

Sarah Connor Chronicles

I wonder if it is showing in CA

Mad Bull said...

I agree with GC on this comment, unlike the one above.
Welcome back.