Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Bed Indeed!

It’s no secret that I love shopping on Craig’s List.

It’s a great way for a person on a budget to furnish their home, and on the flip side, a great way for someone moving out of the country/downsizing/changing things up to get rid of stuff.

As mentioned before my current bed’s been falling down quite a bit lately. It’s gotten so bad, that I try to limit motion as much as possible, no surprise turns, and no umm…..

There’s nothing more annoying/surprising, than your bed falling down from under you.

In need of a new bed, I found a potential prize on Craig’s list. I make contact and decide to trek after work to view the bed. On the bus at Eglinton, I notice a few lights are out on the street. Closer to my destination the signal lights are working, so I continue on. I get to the building and see five little Latino kids, not more that three years old, huddled on the floor by the intercom. The building is in complete darkness. So I think to myself, another day maybe. And as I being to walk out, I hear, Excuse me, Excuse me are you CP?

Introductions are made, and seller says, ‘do you want to see it? Come Up.’ I agree, and then we hit the fourth floor and its pitch black, and eerie scenes of “No Country with Old Men” flash into my head, and I think ‘what the heck am I doing, Im a teeny, tiny pipsqueak of a girl, entering some fellas apartment in a black out.’ But I am pretty much in the thick of things, so I figure let’s just soldier on and get it over with. I begin to practice my Tae Kwan Do moves in my head, and soon realize that I have completely forgotten the proper technique for putting someone in a choke hold.

Buddy Seller has a weird flash light as part of his phone and begins to show me the bed, in a way you picture they did it in the olden days, section by section. It looked good, modern new, black, just what I needed. But the set didn’t have a dresser or any of that good stuff, so I was have a few doubts. Buddy Seller seeing my hesitance lowered the price by $200 on the spot. I told him, I’d have to think about it.

When I get home an email, lowering the price a further $100.


And being the meanie that I am, I offered $100 less than that!


Am awaiting an answer!


Jdid said...
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Jdid said...

you like you forgetting your common sense girl! you dont know them people, tae kwon do or not try an take backup with you next time, preferrably male.

how you going to go in the man house alone, in the dark to look at a bed?

that is how people duz disappear and turn up in mason jars and under pig farms. look try an behave yaself. I like to read this blog and I aint ready to see you on no missing persons report.

Leon said...

Don't really trust Craigslist. Heard too many stories of people getting their stuff robbed.

GC said...

well, how much was it to begin with?
Do you have people around there on craigslist who move stuff for a low price?

Mad Bull said...

I'm with Jdid on this, CP. Re the falling bed and no, er, ahh... you might just have made yourself WAY more attractive to Tony Matterhorn. Big up, Goodaz Girl CP!

Christie said...

I am a freak for Craigslist. We bought so much stuff for our new house on there. Hell, we even got our dog off an add on there, so I have no complaints.

Anonymous said...

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