Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Our Americano friends would have us believe that today is Super Tuesday, a day for obsessively watching CNN, and their poll maps, for counting cacuses and trying to wrap our brains around terms like super delegates and split states.

But my friends, being the good~ brain washed Catholic~ that I am, I am here to bring you the 'GOOD news.'

Today is actually Pancake Tuesday. An entire day dedicated to the art of gluttony. You are free to enjoy the most fluffy, tasty, buttery, maple syrup oozing pancakes, all with the blessing of the Church.

Therefore forget this silly election, where the poor populace seems to have to vote over and over again (and they wonder why no one turns up for the real thing) and go eat pancakes instead. I mean really 24 hours worth of coverage, millions and millions of dollars spent, and they won't even conclusively give me a democratic winner....wassup with dat? (We already know who won the Republican vote....good Ole Ronald, ressurected and well. Sssshhh don't tell the American's they think they got a new guy.)

(This message has been brought to you by Canadian's trying to get over their obsession with American Politics, CNN, & Obama.......)


GC said...

if I were eligible to vote I would stand in the rain to do it.
in fact, I'm trying to change that--but that remains to be seen.

see, the way people voted 4 and 8 years ago means that I CANNOT afford pancakes for pancake Tuesday and that just pisses me off.
moldy french toast is more my speed what with the war and the gas prices.

SimplEnigma said...

LOL. Ditto to everything GC just said. Down to the voting bit.

Um, what are you giving up, Missy?

Christie said...

As an American (an unwilling American), I like the idea of Pancake Tuesday much better. I mean, I can forget about worrying if I'm going to vote in the first ever woman president or the first ever black president. There is NO WAY IN HELL we would vote in another Republican after Bush.

Grant Miller said...

Wait. Do Canadians celebrate Fat Tuesday?

Jdid said...

i've never been into the pancake tuesday thing. to be honest it doesnt even appear on my radar. guess i'm not catholic huh