Monday, March 03, 2008

My man Tuesday

GC Suggested that I be more responsive to my commentators, so Mad Bull this one’s for you.

The one whom we do not speak off, hence forth referred to as ‘Voldermort’…never really left.

Instead he now visits on Tuesdays.

I’m starting to think of it like an evolved form of visitation rights for adults. A sort of Big Love inspired system of keeping in touch with someone who should be a former lover.

On Tuesday afternoons Voldermort will call. Shoot the shit, ask how I’ve been, casually enquire into the health and well being of every person in my life, ‘How’s Your Mum, How’s S, How’s Work…etc.’ At the end of the conversation he subtly asks if I have any plans for the night, and I’ll say well its Tuesday, so I’m keeping my options open. I’ll ask what his plans are, to which he will give me a running commentary about vague ‘errands’ he has to run, and Tae Kwan Do classes he has to teach. The conversation usually ends with a maybe Ill give you a call later and see if you’re around.

Fast forward to 9.15 pm, the phone rings. It’s Voldermort calling to see what I’m doing, and if Ill be around later so he can come over. For normal people, 9.15 is late; disastrously going to have a sore head in the morning, if I go out now-late. At by about 10.30 he’ll be at my door, knocking hard, and as I open my door, there he’ll be in all his glory, usually doing the running man, or whining on my door post.

The rest of the night will be a haze of beautiful red drinks in glasses so large you wonder if your in a Great Gatsby scene, heated debates on everything from whether Winnie Mandela deserved to be abandoned by Nelson, where the world is heading, what passion is all about, the merits of religion, and so on.

Then usually the bed breaks.

Wednesday I’ll get a call, there is a re-cap and summation of the night’s events.

Thursday I usually get a touch base call/email.

Saturday, if alls well in the world of Voldermort, I get a quick check in at about 2 pm.

And then glory of all glories: Tuesday rolls around again.

Personally I’ve tried to lobby for Sunday’s, after all what else is there to do on Sunday's? Tuesdays are getting a little busy right now, and others are vying for the spot.


GC said...

I'm confused
is Voldemort a pizza delivery guy who doesn't know when to head back to the base?

Stunner said...

A Tuesday affair. Interesting!

Jdid said...

umm i thought you were done with he who shall not be named? lol
dude got a spell on you

SimplEnigma said...

LMBAO @ GC. Girl, you are too much.

Kudos for being honest, CP. There's always someone who does that to us all. If we're lucky, it works out. If we're not...well, there's always Tuesday.

Need you to come by my spot a little later tonight. The Advisor seeks advice. LOL.

Leon said...

Voldemort? I was expecting a real bastard but he doesn't sound so bad. The "then usually the bed breaks" part caught me off guard.

Grant Miller said...

Sundays are for laundry, not dirtying the sheets.

kimba said...

you are dating Ralph Fiennes?

gishungwa said...

How lovely as long as you have a good time.

Marika said...

Super Tuesday every week?

Crankyputz said...

Grant: No way, dirty sheets are worth a lil sunday nookie..

Kimba: Ralph Fines? Er? Does he visit you on Tuesdays??? Remember he left her in the cave...

Marika: I loved how you put that...

kimba said...

I know he left her in the cave.. but he has his nose sawn off as well to play V.

obtuse much? sorry.

Crankyputz said... it

Mad Bull said...

Thanks for responding. You've made me feel very special. :)
Very interesting.