Friday, April 18, 2008

You know its summer in Toronto when:

~Your will do any kind of indoor work evaporates
~The Catholic Girl kilts come out in full force sans knee length stockings
~Flip Flops!!
~Your entire day at work consists of plotting, scheming and four conference calls with your work gals, to contrive a way for the three of you to ‘innocently’ leave early, to go shopping!
~You eat your first hot dog with fried onions.
~You break out the razor and give your legs the satiny finish they deserve….they are so soft you slip hand down every now and then to ‘cop a feel.’
~You buy shorts in anticipation of the upcoming parties
~Your condo turns on the air-conditioning after an emergency meeting with the board of directors
~All the local grocery flyers break out their 6 page spread of the latest and greatest fare for the BBQ
~You realize its time to give naked girl at the gym some competition
~You begin to dream of salsa boat cruises
~You receive flyers for hot sweaty soca fetes, and you don’t think to yourself…..maybe another time….instead you mentally assess your closet for that perfect skimpy outfit, you know you can’t wear anywhere else

~Your secretly praying for a TTC strike that will go on for a couple of weeks!


GC said...

I fail to understand fried onions on hotdogs
maybe I need to make a research trip to the ballpark

Radmila said...

You really know it's summer when the chicks who really shouldn't be wearing certain things are out and wearing them.
...nothing like puff pastry between a crop top and too tight jeans.

Stunner said...

Yeah and you know when it's summer when di place hot nuh ratid!!

Stephen Bess said...

I'm lovin' summer. :) Is that you jumping?

Grant Miller said...

Could you provide a little more detail on the catholic school girl kilts and stuff?

Crankyputz said...

Stephen Bess: If I could have picked a body double she would have been it!

Warren said...

You left out ton loads of spring cleaning and gardening and repainting and landscaping.... should I continue

Jdid said...

alas no strike!

yea the patio furniture and bbque stuff in the flyers is a dead giveaway. who knew there were so many bbques out there?

Jim said...

It's funny how much more productive I am at work when the weather isn't nice. Being in Calgary this week my productivity has increased significantly over last week in Toronto.

Abeni said...

When there is no snow:)

Enjoy it

Irie Diva said...

onions on dogs

Leon said...

Summer in Toronto seems like fun. But winters there are murder!