Monday, June 02, 2008

Got some time off?

Got some money?

Wanna go on vacation?

I like being a single girl most of the times. I don’t chose to be single, but I don’t obsess about it either. I have nice things, I’m healthy, I meet interesting people all the time, so I’m content to await the future.

Sure there are times where my trunk is full of groceries, and I have to arduously carry 10 bags on each of my tiny little wrists, using my feet as door openers, banging my precious shins on doors, silently cursing my would be for apparently taking the longest route to me….

And then there are times like now, where I’ve got a bit of spare time, and a bit of spare cash, and would like to jet somewhere, and all my friends are otherwise occupied….and I have no one who is somewhat obligated to at least entertain the thought of going with me!

So I put it out to you, is it kosher to travel alone?

Not sightseeing in exotic places like Greece or Egypt, but to lie on a beach fancy free, all alone?

Or is that inviting trouble? Scenes of that girl who went missing in Aruba flash through my head.


Pps. S is abandoning me for Dubai, so I am also recruiting for a fete partner.


Jumbie said...

Yep, better to travel alone. :-))

The perils are way less.

GC said...

I see nothing wrong with traveling alone
however, if you're disinclined to be totally by yourself, there are lots of adventure-type group tours you can go on with people of your mindset

a little digging on the internet and you'll soon be jet setting in style
or google small group tours
And if that doesn't whet your appetite, why not drop a line to a long-lost friend far away and suggest a hangout while you're in their city?

bitsandgiggles said...

Wasn't that girl traveling with her high school?

Stupidity gets you into trouble, not being single.

Go to a nice warm place and relax!!!

Abeni said...

Definitely more fun when you have a travel partner but sometimes you just got to fly solo

Ness said...

Girl - you go and have yourself a good time!! I went to the Bahamas last year - to Freeport. Got a package deal to stay at the Sheraton, went scuba diving, laid on the beach, went swimming, drank cocktails... and I was all on my own - it was great.

And two years ago I spent 4 months travelling on my own all around the world.. I met lots of amazing people.

But failing all of that, just let us all know where you want to go, and I'm sure I won't be the only one checking to see if I can spare a few days to lie on a beach! LOL

mad bull said...

CP, come to Cayman and you will not only get to hang out on a beach, you will get to chill and hang with Trouble, R.I and I! What more could a woman want? ;)

Crankyputz said...

Thanks for the support..

But joy of all joys I've found my travelling buddy.

Not to find a destination.

MB Camyan Islands is definatley on my to do list....would love to work there, imagine the conversation, where do you work, "oh the Cayman islands!"

Stephen Bess said...

It really depends, but if you're comfortable doing so then Godspeed. Sometimes, it's an opportunity to meet new people.

Stunner said...

Come to Jamaica! Beach, music, clubs, food....Stunner ;)!!!

Samurai Beetle said...

I'm new here but would just like to say there is nothing wrong with visiting a beach alone. I live in Florida and husband works weekends so I'm not going to skip the beach just b/c I don't have company! There are actually many single beach goers. Don't let anything stop you, all you need is a good book and some iTunes and well sun screen and a lap top for blogging, and what ever makes for a comfortable vacation.

GC said...

how many times have you been to NYC?

Pepper said...

i get anxious when im out alone, like ppl watching me and wondering what i doin out alone, so im not sure i wud actually venture off too far by myself. i've planned to many times, but havent quite pushed myself to do it.

a beach seems different though, a place to relax, i expect to see ppl there by themselves, so i wudnt feel apprehensive going there alone.

SimplEnigma said...

I just realized my comment never got saved. Stupse.

I am always ready to travel. Just gimme notice and I'll get up and go (barring any erm visa requirements of course. LOL)

I went on my first trip alone in April. I didn't mind it, but I like having a partner to share the experiences, no matter how late they get up and make us miss all the important things to do in Egypt...sorry, I was having a moment.