Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Summer Daze

Hello my lovelies it’s been such a long time.

You can’t blame a girl. It is finally a balmy 31 degrees in Toronto. It’s so hot and humid that little pools of sweat gather between your legs when you’re driving with your sunroof open.

Summer days go by quicker than wintry days. As you you fall asleep flashes of the day flicker in your head; your white tank top stuck with sweat to your now golden skin, the pretty smell of the flowers that you just planted, the earthy smell as a majestic thunderstorm rained on the earth cooling the preposterous heat, the lines of the book you just can’t get enough of…..

And then there are the men.

While things are quiet on the man front, one obvious trend is emerging. The many boys I grew up with in Dubai are now returning taller, hairier, successful and interested in me.

Sadly what I’ve realized that what I want right now is guy friend. Maybe one with a little potential. I want someone I can spend the entire summer with being kids again: swimming, going for ice cream, hanging out on the block, partying it up on weekends and so on. I’m tired of finding innovative ways of warning men that I am not going to sleep with them (FYI girls, a prominently placed box of kortex pads, works wonders!) I want to go back to the days when it was fun and games, a touch of innocence and carts of fun.

Is the summer heat getting to my head….can a girl and a guy spend the summer having a blast and use the winter to heat things up?
And if so….are there any takers?


GC said...

CP, the closest you are going to come to one of those guy friends is your brother
sooner or later those other guys are going to get googly eyed and twitter-pated

Crankyputz said...

Yes but GC can't they save it for September/??

dalia said...

how about he who shall remain nameless when i saw you on the weekend? i'm sure he would LOVE to spend time with you while you splash around getting all soaking wet in a bikini? lol

SimplEnigma said...

*waits for the alarm clock to go off and wake CP from her dream*

Good, now that you're up...LOL. Seriously though, I think single guys look at summer from a whole different perspective. Most aren't looking to make friends that they can hang with...the summer months (and their attention spans) are too short for that. It's all about packing in as much flirtation and hob-nobbing with the opposite sex before you have to settle down again for the winter. Hehe.

Maybe you should get a gay friend...oh wait, summer is their fabulous time too...:)

This was rife with stereotypes...

Stunner said...

Well Summer is the time for "Summer Flings"! Maybe you'll get lucky with all that soaked tank top :) But n a serious note, it hot nuh backside!

Leon said...

I dunno man. I guess you should've enjoyed that age of innocence more, as men aren't gonna invest that much time in a woman unless they intend get some action.

Jdid said...

you could settle for a gay male friend