Monday, October 27, 2008

Random Thoughts

I have little to no inclination to blog these days. It has something to do with all the resume screening, that makes my eyes weepy and red at the end of the day, and all the interviewing, that makes my happy outgoing personality retreat into a sullen, quiet person by about 6 pm. It is a blessing that I live alone at the moment.

It’s been a year since I bought the condo. It is still not painted, yet as I looked around last night, I realized how much I love every little nook and cranny of the space. It is finally ‘my space.’ Every little arrangement and adornment has my mark.

Ahhh Im one of those people who talk too much about their job! I love my job. In these times of economic uncertainty (I’ve been watching a lot of CNN,) how great is it to give people jobs. Also there is something ever so satisfying about finding the right fit. It’s like a perfect click.

I went to an event entitled Black love last night, it was a poetry spoken word kind of thing, and was quite interesting. How interesting is it to see men standing up passionately declaring in words feelings of love, lust and desire. Sitting in the audience, I considered, would I truly appreciate such a man? Or would I look at him as a bit of nut sitting around sprouting his pretty words all over the places, poor as a church mouse, whilst I slog my way through life? Or could I be a bigger person and realize how amazing a soul is who has the courage to dedicate their life to their passion? The jury is still out.

I joined an online dating site for three weeks. I had a really good profile, if I may toot my own horn, yet I realized I’m not the online type. First off I was too judgmental. I weeded through pictures, dismissing on looks, occasionally I scanned profiles, but mostly the men fell into two categories, immature, with profiles that said, I’ve come on to find a nice person to hang out with, or the uber mature, who describe in painstaking detail what they want out of their future wife. I was also particularly turned of by the ones who had quotes. I am all about having a favorite quote, but attaching it to your profile is nerdy. Perhaps it was the site, perhaps it’s timing, but it wasn’t working out, so kaboom, I’m back to old fashioned, meet in person kind of possibilities.

I’ll try and post more often…till then, toodles..


Anonymous said...

"Me thinks thou dost complain too much". How is that for a quote!

wouldbe said...

Let her be! Cranky is as Cranky does.
Nobody puts CP in a corner.

Jumbie said...

Welcome back, you were (sorely) missed.

I know about them online thing, I been single for nearly a decade and I find it soooo hard to meet sensible women. I get turned off the ones who send a first email declaring undying love.

gads, what would I do for a genuine friend I could write or call up just to have a natter... (dreamy look here)

Jdid said...

i wouldnt trust those poetry dudes