Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To The society of Romantics & Mislead Hopefuls,

Here we are a again, the season of red, Christmas, love, joy, sharing and my time being rented out to buy gifts for my friend’s girlfriends.

This season, so far, I have had (Count it) FIVE such requests.

To date I have come up with the following ‘romantic’ gift ideas:

  • A gift basket entitled “Her favourite things”
  • Fun Christmas lingerie for the girl who loves boy shorts and the man who feels they need more spice
  • A new HD TV
  • A day at the spa tailored to her needs
  • An enchanted night, complete with tickets to a show and dinner at a swanky restaurant

My dearest society after helping to buy these extravagant gifts for “Others” the following thoughts came to mind:

  • What happened to spending $50 on a great gift for the one you loved?
  • Remember that story about the couple who sold her hair and watch to buy things for each other? Where’s all the humbleness and sacrifice in a TV?
  • How much longer must I go around shopping for other people’s happiness, till someone feels inclined to the same for me? (It’s been 27 years already! And yes it is all about me!)

Thus if you could inform your members that I am no longer able to lend my expert opinions, style and grace to their future gift purchases, I would be mighty grateful,

Yours truly,



Jim said...

Since you won't be lending out your expert opinion about what to buy, maybe you could just buy the gift for my girlfriend? If you do this, I promise I won't ask you for any expert advice :)

GC (God's Child) said...

whatever happened to baking someone a really great batch of oatmeal raisin cookies?

Jumbie said...

Whatever happened to spending time together? Or a good book?

Since I have no significant other, I do come up with great ideas... I once took a gal to the florist, took pics of everything in there, printed them up and gave the pics to her. (^_^)

I know, that was a bit cheeky but we had a good laugh.

Crankyputz said...

Jim: I'm going to start a business, so I can get paid for it!

GC: Truly

Jumbs: that was cheeky, but kind of fun too....

Scratchie said...

Just thought about you and your family. Stopped by here to say that I hope they are well (and hope they stay well since reading here).

Abeni said...

Amen to a good book