Monday, February 09, 2009

Commenting on things I have no Business Commenting on:

Chris beat up RiRi? Oh Lawd….for some reason he just seems too young to be a wife beater…what a sorry story, all I know is if a man is going to raise his hand on me, he better not fall asleep…..

On Fellow bloggers calling you nosey: Listen if your seductive writing gets me hooked into your life, you owe me regular updates, in the same way Grey’s Anatomy writers owe me good episodes…..I never asked to be an addict… was forced upon me.

The deep freeze is over. (Or so I hope.) Toronto is beginning to thaw. Signs of life long forgotten are starting to spring up. My phone is slowly starting to ring again. Friends re-discovering each other, wanting to hang out, go for dinner, enjoy the changing weather. Glimpses of skin like flashes of light are on display, as the most daring of the daring break out the long neglected mini skirt, sans boots, or the half sleeved jacket.

I just looked at my hand, and realized that I forgot to shave a very tiny perfectly linear line of hair.

On Friday night my friend and I had dinner at Chimichanga. A few minutes into our meal, my friend chews out a wee little blade. The owner gives us a half hearted vacant apology and comps our meal….I leave the restaurant feeling that it was our one bonifide chance to get a really good settlement, and our ‘niceness’ just kept us from being independently wealthy. The worst part is as we walked out there was no second apology, nothing, infact no one came back to our table, and we simply just got up and walked out after 45 mins.

The chaos at work is over. Last week was a blur of long faces, tears and baggy eyes. And this week the world has gone on. The pace at which life continues always amazes me.

On my father joining facebook: I called home the other day and was told that neither of my non tech savvy parents were able to speak to me as both were occupied on facebook. I later received a friend request. Now if my father tags me in 25 random things, I think I may go bonkers. On the flip side, it is so cute, to watch him type his status update with one finger- 'Father Putz is watching hockey'
'Father Putz is wondering why CP is always sleeping'

Practiced all weekend for a dance I am doing (with three others) this coming Saturday for a friends wedding. The fear of falling flat on my face in front of 500 people is not as easy to shake as first assumed.

It is Monday…..and while most of you are groaning and droning about it being the beginning of the week….It’s Salsa night to me…the very best night of the week.


Pepper said...

lol i feel number two stone right in my back and i am squealing out :P

@ the restaurant waiter came to take dessert order or nothing?

Crankyputz said...

Pep: As Long as yuh feel the stone job is!

Chennette said...

parents joining mother found herself there and i have thus far refused to acknowledge or deal with the friend request
not that i am doing anything on facebook but she doesn't need any further opportunities to maco and scrutinise the unmarried daughter ;-)

Deb S. said...

I think it's GREAT that your parents have joined Facebook. I'm a parent. Chennette, stop hatin'. ;-)

Crankyputz, enjoy Salsa Night! Have a great week at work. It's amazing how life goes on.

Abeni said...

Parents on Facebook is a,they and school teachers have been popping up all over th eplace.

I dunno what to make of Chris Brown and Rihanna

Stunner said...

Parents on facebook, that is a bit to weird for me, I would freak out if mine joined.

GC (God's Child) said...

omg! your parents are the cutest.

and shaving something on your hand.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?