Friday, February 20, 2009

I’m dating again.
And it makes me nervous.
Like I am having mini anxiety attacks.
Feelings of anxiousness are perforating my body

There is all this talking
Text-ing, sms-ing, Black Berry-ing
Questions, getting to know details
Sharing, caring, spreading of information
That leaves me exhausted

And Monday after an exhilarating night of dancing
I found myself
With the phone,
Dialing a number
Listening as he said Hello

First softly
Then Goofily
Then Annoyed
And as he hung up,
I realized how hard it is
To move forward, even for your own good
Most especially when your dastardly heart refuses to give up


Ness said...

Good for you, dating again!!! You're a gorgeous gal who deserves to be treated well and have some fun...

But please tell me that wasn't Dracs you were calling in the middle of the night off a salsa high...?

Deb S. said...

I'm glad you're dating. You are my role model. :-)

GC (God's Child) said...

I am speechless
in many ways

Crankyputz said...

GC< oh your going to love the post above in that case!

Abeni said...

I hear you. When I get to that stage again I'll probly feel the same