Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jumbie Returns!

You know in your head when you romantically miss someone who you think you love and you imagine what it would be like to See, talk or run into them again?

You can almost picture the feeling, the emotion and the love that will run through your veins.

Sunday morning my phone rings at 7.30am. In my sleepy daze I thought to myself wow, Newbie wasn’t joking about having breakfast. I pick up and hear the sounds of beautiful parang. As little beats flow through my phone I close my eyes wondering if its all just a beautiful dream.

Then I hear:

“CRaaaaaaaankyyyy! Gyal, waay yuh been?
Gyal, I miss yuh so,
Yuh Know I mus call yuh
And Tell yuh so

Cranky Yuh Hear Me, Cranky,
Gyal Don't Carry On So

And I think, hell no, this MOFO is not calling me after two months (not even on my birthday) from Trinidad of all places, where he is surrounded by half naked revelers to tell me he misses me, most especially since he lives two minutes away in the T dot.

Surely He ain’t that stuppeeeed. Naively, I, voice these concerns,

To which he replies,

“Gyal, Everything is Everything, We got words to have yes, But now I tell yuh I miss Yuh, Yuh on my mind, always on my mind.” (And he begins to sing Elvis.)


My dear readers, what does that even mean?

Everything is everything….well ….I paused for a minute….. wished him a safe journey and reminded him, that everything may be everything but right now, we ain’t nothing……and serenely pressed end on my phone.

(My apologies to my Trini readers, if I messed with the lyricism of your beautiful speak)


Jumbie said...

Wasn me!!

dalia said...


next time, don't answer the phone!

janel said...

LMAO! I'm trini living in trini and I'll tell u what that prob was, yuh boy was prob in a sweet drunken state after all it was carnival wknd, who wasnt drunk? lol :P and when u drunk u do things like dat :D

Jdid said...

agree wid janel. the man did drunk lol

Crankyputz said...

Ja&Jd: He Ain't drunk, the creep is setting the stage for his return fete...

Jumbs: You could never be so bad....

D: The T Dot Misses Ya

Captain Walker said...

Dee caller might have been tryin' he luck...'tuh change he oil.'

Captain Walker said...
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SE said...

Jumbie indeed. Y'know my mantra: they always come back.

I'm rooting for Newbie.

owen said...

place your reservations early, lol

Morpheus Rablings said...

The movie will be out this summer.
"The Comeback"

Radmila said...

It never hurts to try a hand.

Many a girl would fall for it.

Ms. Liryc said...

OMG, I had just happened to stop on this post from another readers page and I fell out laughing with the trini twang, I swear I heard my best friends uncle in my head. Especially with the YES at the end of the sentence... LMFAO !! OMG, I am crying..

I'll be back to read some more.. but I had to respond to this post.

He was having a ball at his fete carnival, women all around, he was all liquored up had too many guiness beers that night.. Just too much

Stunner said...

Well, it's Carnival and a lot of liquor flowing, sound like he was drunk to me.

Abeni said...

Lol,I also feel a lil liquor was talking but it's funny as hell

Deb S. said...


CP: When you get a chance, stop by my site to pick up an award.

GC (God's Child) said...

Oh Lord
aren't you too busy?

Crankyputz said...

All Y'll blaming the liquor, the jumbie knew exactly who he was calling, hiding behind the liquor!

Tanks Deb, See post above!

Deb S. said...

BTW, I've added you to my blogroll. Feel free to add me to yours. :-)