Monday, March 30, 2009

I hate Sundays.

It used to be my favourite day of the week. The day when we would bust out the yellow gloves and do the washing that had been pilling up all week, or the laundry, arduously making trips down to the laundry room with our accumulated change. Sunday’s back then ended in swaying to Sade and goblets of wine.

Now, my Sunday’s go a little something like this; aching bones from an obligatory weekend of riotous drinking, kick boxing and/or partying. Lying on the couch for a couple of hours catching up on PVR, and then making a huge pot of lasagna from scratch, only to end up at 9 pm, all alone with too much food, giving myself little pep talks about faith.


Ruthibelle said...

little pep talks about faith??

oh dear :/

Cool Destiny said...

The 1st paragraph would make me hate Sundays too ... but the 2nd one ... ummmmm, I could live with that :)

Pepper said...

the second one is the story of my laigh....sans lasagne....i need that...

and i need a bf who's cool with all the drinking too...wait...nevermind...he's just sour that he's not the one drinking with me...struups

Mad Bull said...

I am not sure I would like Sundays filled with washing clothes, ending up drinking goblets of wine.

Your weekends sound irie, (Pepper, see, I still do say this word!) the only problem is the aloneness on Sundays, right?

With how you look, that should not be a problem for you to solve, trus' me! Perhaps you're being too picky? Or is it that you're too Cranky?

Who's Faith? She look hot too?