Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Wednesday afternoon

A friend visited from Dubai this weekend. We met later on in life, but since then he got married, had two kids, and is now running the family business. I….well we all know the state of evolution that is my life. Our friendship is based on an uncanny understanding we have between us. This could be because we both share the same birthday or some other karmic force, but often times when he’s around we can both look at the exact same situation and have a laugh for the exact same reason, pretty cool stuff.

I took yesterday off and we played tourists. It was fun walking around the city mid week, showing off what I love about it the best.

La Vecchia is my new favorite restaurant. Their Rigotoni Romani is heaven, if you’re in my beautiful the city do try it out.

Complacency is a hard think to shake. I know I need to find a new role yet I come to work day after day and don’t do anything about it.

I’m reading eat, pray, love, and I am in Italy enjoying the authors love of food and pleasure. I hear the book gets quite boring in India, but for now it’s a joy. I would also like to put it out into the universe that I too am capable of writing a book about finding oneself in various countries if I am given a budget and told to go nuts.

I discovered through my wonderful techy friends that you can now use google maps to stroll through the street of various cities in Europe and the US. Its wonderful stuff, just now over a soothing cup of tea, I wandered around Vatican City for a five minutes. Plus they have some brilliant algorithms that automatically blurr out people’s faces or advertising…how cool is that?? Where do these brilliant people meet and come up with these ideas? I need to find them.

I am addicted to Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards.

I am also addicted to reruns of the Big Bang Theory. I am even beginning to like friends who don’t love it as much as me, just a little bit less.

Summer is here and posting is few and far between…… my apologies in advance…


Ruthibelle said...

apology noted... in advance, lol :)

wouldbe said...

Big Bang Theory? Isn't Sheldon the best? Ahh CP....We must be made for each other.

Pepper said...

say no to infrequent posting!

Stunner said...

I play tourist every time I go to NY :)

I agree with Pepper, even though I have been a bit infrequent.

Mad Bull said...

Please continue to post regularly! Don't make me cry for it! 8^(

GC (God's Child) said...

omg--big bang theory is affecting your friendships?

Abeni said...

plenty of us doing the infrequent posting what with twitter,fb and life:). Don't feel bad

Jdid said...

Big Bang theory is the ish. I bought the season 1 dvds and am waiting on season 2. ah the hilarity!

thing is i know people just like that. shhhhhh!