Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Cherize Amour

After things fell apart with BP, I wanted to run home, movie like, next plane outta here.

He dropped me off to my cousin and booted, while I cried and cried like a kid. My cousin in her infinite wisdom, refused to let me go. She told me that running away solved nothing. I ofcourse thought it had been a highly effective strategy so far. But I acquiesced and every other day would broach the topic of changing my flight to the departure, only to be met with a look. So there I was a big slob, in my cousin’s living room, not eating and sleeping like nothing else in the world mattered. Until one day I looked up and there was Cherize.

Cherize is my cousins nine year old daughter. Cherize has Down Syndrome, heart issues and is paralyzed. So far in her young life she has endured twelve surgeries, numerous procedures and a ridiculous amount of hospital stays. Cherize has a smile that makes you want to smile. While she can’t talk, she is expressive, and so aware of how everyone around her is feeling. She took my sadness to heart and would sit by me, stroking my hair saying, ‘everything going to be okay, tantie...okay? Okay? Okay?’ Until I agreed.

Cherize woke me up from my useless self pity, to what was going on around me. Turns out my cousin and her family needed me as much as I needed them. So when they asked if I would stay till the 1st I agreed. Since then Cherize and I have spent hour’s together, smiling, singing, dancing and being happy. She loves her hair being combed and watching me dance. Most of all she loves the Stevie Wonder song, and now our days and nights, start and end with it.

'My Cherize Amour, Pretty little one that I adore
You’re the only girl my heart beats for!
How I wish you were mine!'


Jumbie said...

I feel for you and Cherize... take care.

Jdid said...


Abeni said...

*awwwww* Sounds like a Valentine day post.

Ruthibelle said...

that's beautiful