Thursday, January 28, 2010


So every now and then i get a request.. this one was a Doozy, my friend S had to give a best man speech in an hour...could I write one?

To prove to God knows who that I do know some thing about love here it is:

Hey everyone I’d like to start this speech today by thanking W for making me his best man. I’ve known W since the ripe age of thirteen, and have shared many a ‘learning’ moment with him, many that I can’t mention.

A year ago W called me up to say he was getting married. See a couple of years before he had met this gorgeous girl at work and after a few years of dating, he knew she was his ‘it,’ his gal for life.

The friends, including me, weren’t too surprised by his announcement. They were a great couple, H is vivacious and lively, and W compliments her in his calm, almost serene outlook to life. She likes to talk, he likes to listen. So a year later we are here to celebrate the inevitable: their marriage.

Now I’ve been married for 6 years, and have not only a beautiful wife, but two gorgeous kids to show for it. Their over there, in case anyone wants to put a few dirham’s in their hand before leaving. So given all these accomplishments I figure it’s okay if I give W and H a few tips:

Be happy, forget what the world tells you happiness is. Figure out what makes you both happy and try to live it each and every day.

There are always ups and downs, always moments of trial, always moments of uncertainty, find ways to remind each other that no matter what, you’re in it together, it somehow makes all the trying moments fly by.

Always remember to hear everything with love. Marriages are not immune to crappy days, and people who love each other can sometimes say the worse things to each other. Hearing it with love makes it easier to forget.

Last but not least life is routine, marriages become routine, you owe it to yourselves to work hard to find the magic that bought us all here today, and hold on to it.

Anyway enough with the advice. H and W, everyone here joins me in showering you with blessings. Ladies and Gentleman if you will join me in raising your glasses....

Not bad for someone who isn't married, and hasn't met the couple eh?


GC (God's Child) said...

very very nice--the bride and groom will appreciate it and your friend will look really wise

wish more people would think to ask for help if they don't know what to say/write

Anonymous said...
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Crankyputz said...

Hate Spammers.

Abeni said...

That was lovely. You sure you've never been married?:)

SE said...

Concur with GC...nuthin like a toast that is completely moronic or paints the bride or groom in a bad light. Egads.

Jdid said...

I am so biting this! I have to do a best man speech on saturday. naa I wont bite it, well maybe just a small bit :-)