Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Visiting friends is always fun. I even enjoy the drive up to Detroit, me, my ipod and my thoughts.

We shopped, we laughed, we danced, we ate…we had a jolly good time.

Then her new boy friend arrived. No biggie, since I had met him before and he seemed like an okay sort.

Saturday night we go to a party, a karaoke party as it turned out.

The thing about karaoke is it’s imbalanced entertainment. Those that are great singers will naturally show off, those that are bad will be encouraged by alcohol and kindness to go up many many times, as people cringe on the inside. Those that are mediocre and with any good sense will be overly intimidated by the good ones and sit their butt down the entire night, politely clapping. You also have to know fellow attendees really well or not at all. Anything in between won’t work.

This karaoke was a bit better, since the good singers far outweighed the bad ones. At first it was good times, New BF and I clapped enthusiastically, admired voices, and snapped our fingers along to the beat. But after about three hours, we were bored, I mean really bored. We weren’t signing and the good ones kept on singing. We were on the fringe of someone else’s good time and we did not like it.

Eventually New BF had enough and wanted to leave. By this time I had found a comfy seat in the entertainment room and was happily dozing off to law and order.

Now the back story to this is my friend had woken up at 6 am to cook for this party , had invited a lot of her friends to the party to meet New BF, entertained me all day, picked him at 7pm and brought him to the party. So when he wanted to leave, she was a little reluctant.

We finally all get into the car, and the New BF says he is too tired to drive. Then he proceeds, for the entire ride home, to whine about how he didn’t know anyone at the party and didn’t get introduced to the host, which he felt was very disrespectful. We get home, go to bed.

The next morning I come down to find my friend, again in the kitchen whipping up a brunch for us. New BF comes down and not missing a beat, starts off the conversation from last night, painfully explaining each moment he felt unhappy or confused. At first I shut up and let them argue it out, but eventually it got so silly, I had to put my two cents in. I mean if he wanted to know who someone was, why not ask? It wasn’t his place, he says. And it went on and on for hours.

Eventually I got fed up. IT was my Easter too and the twit was ruining it.

So off I went on the road to Toronto.

Made me realize how lovely and quiet being single can be. Loneliness is just part of the charm.


GC (God's Child) said...

oy vey. . .why would he complain so much right in front of you?
The way I see it you were a guest of both of them. . . the onus was on him too to make sure you were having a decent time. If it only meant complaining less.

Jumbie said...

Ah, the joys of single life... which you'd gladly trade I'm sure (^_^)

Ruthibelle said...

aah.. the incessant whiner. Prime candidate for a good slap, yes?sp

Abeni said...

Yes yes there are pluses to single life.

Irie Diva said...

no joys of being single...that dude was just an ass...stuups

i hate a whiner...