Sunday, May 30, 2010

Big Apple Observations:

The Sheraton Tower’s has the best bed’s on the block, a great location and killer free breakfast that is worth its weight in gold.

New York’s Metro could really use a good power wash, amongst other things. Torontonians have no reason to complain about our shinny subway system.

Virgil’s BBQ has lovely saucy tender pieces of meat, with glorious corn bread, baked beans and slaw…..

Wicked: Is a great show, all pomp and production…..makes me want to go out and rent “The wizard of Oz” –I haven’t seen it….I know…. can you believe it?

The Mexican Rocking Horse in Chelsea has the most delicious lamb dish I ever tasted…the sauce is a joy for your taste buds

The Phantom of the Opera is broadways longest running play for a reason; it is a beautiful old set that makes you fall in love with a ghoulish phantom….you come out singing silly love songs, whishing for your own ghoulish monster!

Strolling in Central Park with the sun beaming into your face is heavenly. Sitting on one of the large rocks while people watching is a must do…

If looking for a sport to entertain the endless walking, may I suggest, “How many hotels can you pee at in one day?”

Walking on 5th avenue causes depression and a compulsion to break windows and create anarchy, all for a bag that is worth your annual salary

Canal Street is a cultural experience not to be missed. If you want firsthand experience on true negotiation skills, you need to buy a few bags from Canal. My advice, skip the channels and any pretend name brand. The no name clutches are cute and versatile. Also walking away is no longer an effective negotiation tactic.

We’ve all watched sex in the city….(not the movies…they really don’t count) and all have had visions of trapeze-ing around new York in fun outfits and killer heels….let me be the first to tell you that this is a ridiculous dream….settle for the wedge…it is your friend (so is a metro card.)

All through the city NYPD roams. I don’t think I have ever seen such a large police presence in my life.
Hats off to you who keep your city safe and shame, shame, shame to any person who even entertains the thought of trying to hurt innocent people in such a dynamic city.


Jdid said...

well someone has to keep Gotham safe, its not like Batman is hanging around there is he

Abeni said...

lol @JDID.She had a swinging time

Irie Diva said...

ive been so many times as have never done any of this. im saving this post.