Friday, May 14, 2010

My Learning's for the week

Everyone should have two bosses, one who gives them structure, and the other who gives them hope

Some things aren’t worth your precious breath. If it won’t matter in a few months or a year, let it go.

Some things just aren’t your fight. Even when there is a rational, viable reason that a change should be made; take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Having something to look forward to, is the greatest gift of life. It can change your view from dull and grey to Technicolor…. HD …… 3D.

When packing a suitcase Rolling is the only option

Choosing to be a slob for a week whilst your body recovers is okay, but you better make sure that after the week is up, you get off your ass and get back in the game.

The greatest skill in business is articulation. It’s all well and good to have vision, or be numbers oriented, but if you can’t communicate to everyone, you can never make a sustaining change.

Happiness is a tricky emotion; it can get boring real quick.

Most people think the only way to reward is through money or big hoopla. Funny how a little note, on a job well done, can also do the trick.

Almond croissants are a wondrous treat.

Fight now, be intimidated later…(in the privacy of your own home.)

Broken beds are a reminder of happier/wilder times. If nothing else the slant reminds you that once not so long ago, someone loved you and rocked your world. And that can be comforting on the cold nights.

Broken beds are a reminder of happier/wilder times. But let’s face it living in the past does no one any good. It’s time to invest in a Queen. And roll from side to side…..relishing in the freedom of the moment.


Abeni said...

luv it

GC (God's Child) said...

if you have room for a king, why not get that?

Mad Bull said...

Hi Cranky!!! How are you. First time by in awhile, (because I have been wasting my time in FB and Twitter) but I am glad I came. I loved these nuggets of wisdom.

I agree with GC, if you have the room, get a king. Oh, and go for the pillowtop mattress. There. I have given you back at least one nugget of wisdom. Peace

Irie Diva said...

why tho do they have 3D tvs? i guess i should look to the future...but by the time it even makes sense to have one, they'll be something newer! lol

Crankyputz said...

Kings too big for the current living situation....but tempting nonethless