Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Why I love Summer in Toronto:

When it’s hot the city sets up emergency cooling centers. They hand out water and tell people how to stay cool. Where else in the world does that happen?

The festivals: All over Toronto, someone is celebrating something, whether its their teams soccer win, tasty Thursdays, salsa or some obscure African festival…..if it exists someone in Toronto is celebrating it

Gay Pride: I had the privilege of marching at the Pride parade this year. What a crazy experience, from the funky to the earnest, it was a fun day.

Walking place for no other reason than its hot…and I can.

Summer sales, buying pretty dresses in bright colors

Summer tans…..and tan lines

Summer romances

BBQ’s that are themed and involve the limbo

Coming home at 2 am, just because the night was too beautiful to waste by sleeping

Sitting on my balcony reading a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon

Wearing dresses to work, you almost never have to iron a dress

Driving around without air conditioning, not because you don’t have it, but because the little beads of sweat that drip down
your back is sooooo HAWT

The thought that perhaps sitting outside sweating is as good as 30 minutes on the treadmill (no need to insert reality in here)

Rollo-120 calorie ice cream sticks-if you have not tried this…YOU SHOULD


Irie Diva said...

hmmm....i guess no winter season doesnt really make you appreciate the "summer" as much...my list includes thanking God for school being out so there's no morning traffic and a few more parties on the calendar...thats about it...

GC {God's Child} said...

ditto on the dresses. . . and they almost always improve my shape

Mad Bull said...

For me:

Mango season.

Family summer vacation... we usually go somewhere together at this time. Like right now, we're in Tampa.

The flowers and plants are all still in bloom.

Less traffic on the way to work

More beach trips.