Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mr. Sales

When you’re young-er you tend to choose fellas based on good looks and general impressions on ‘coolness.’ Then you grow up and realize the good looking fellas went bald before 30 and the ‘cool’ fellas never really grow up and tend to live pay cheque to pay cheque.

So you then come up with new criteria for falling in love. If you’re in HR, you come up with the 4 C’s:

Each characteristic is inter-related and self evident (think US Bil of Rights.)

Bachelor #1, hereby referred to as Mr. Sales, was examined with these factors in mind.

On our first date he explained that he broke up with his last girlfriend because as much as he liked her, he knew she wasn’t the ‘one.’ Rather than dragging it out to the inevitable end, he stepped up to the plate and told her. They are still friends. He went on to pay for the bill no hesitation, opened doors, was polite to the wait staff etc. He explained that his values were family and peace of mind. Character.

He then kept in touch. There was a two week lag between our first and second date. Instead of dropping of the face of the earth, he called each day, with an interesting story, did not stay on too long, and eventually I began to look forward to the calls. Consistency.

He remembers things, like what I said that afternoon about work. He follows up on past conversations. Care.

He met my friends on the weekend, and instead of being awkward, he joked around with them, made them laugh, asked if they were having a good time. Concern.

Thus I introduce you to Mr. Sales a possible future reoccurring character. The name might need some tweaking.


GC {God's Child} said...

I can't even comment I don't want to jinx it. Drat, I commented! Okay. Shutting up now.

Crankyputz said...


im trying to be low key too.

Jdid said...

you make it all seem so formal. I mean everyone is judging the other person on a date but man you have formal criteria. thats spooky.

Irie Diva said...

i like mr sales! but i have a similiar story and it already is fizzling :( i should go blog about him... i being a wet blanket right now? i totally dont mean to be :(

Abeni said...

best of luck