Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday thoughts:

My cube neighbor is driving me crazy. First off she’s a consummate phone complainer. 80% of her job appears to be calling up various vendors for her personal life to complain about something. The conversations always go the same, she starts off stingingly nice, then her voice gets whinny, and then it switches to downright pretend nice but obviously bitchy. Second she has a troublesome fella named Harry who is either a complete moron or a saint for putting up with her. Either way, Harry and her do not get along, yet they talk about 5 times a day. Sigh. Her conversations are so loud that half the team feels they just know too much about her.

My boss has this squeaky voice that she uses when she wants to ask you to do something she knows she shouldn’t be asking. It’s highly annoying. She, however, thinks its super cute. I have a fantasy of replying to her in an equally squeaky voice to see if she gets the picture. Grown people should not talk in squeaky voices.

I had my mid year review with my boss. I got some funny feedback: “You have very strategic oriented skill set that’s going to be great for when you’re an executive, but until then you have to operate on our level.” LOL

Mr. W (new name for Mr. Sales-I pronounce it like DoubleYah) is going strong. We have graduated to exclusivity and branding of boyfriend/girlfriend. He’s meeting the friends this weekend; I met the friends last weekend. Things are progressing nice and slowly. Slow and Steady wins the race, HOPEFULLY.

I’m a little obsessed with Twitter. I tweeted the entire Miss Universe show yesterday, I am mildly ashamed of this. I am also ashamed of my genuine like of Jersey Shore (why does the Situation actually seem like a nice guy,) Glee (what a fabulous show, I sing along and dance around whilst watching this, I count it as cardio time,) Millionaire Matchmaker (I have yet to find an instance where Patti is wrong,) and Ari Gold (I dream of marrying a man like Ari.)

How are things in your world?


Irie Diva said...

1. y are u not following me? @iriediva

2. u have a bf?????????? congrats!!!!!!!!!

3. im jealous



Jumbie said...

Oh Gawd, another Dubya... (^_~)

GC {God's Child} said...

love how you sandwich the real post in the middle. . . hmm...

Jdid said...

sadly i have started watching the shore as well. its like a train wreck you cant look away.

congrats to you and mr W

weird feedback from your boss. what does that mean?