Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A fight with an answering machine

So this weekend I had a dramatic fight with Dracs’s answering machine.

I kept getting it every single time I called. Finally Sunday night I lay in bed stewing. Soon I began to stir the pot, I remembered every single instance he had been mean to me. I began to come up with explanations as to what he could be doing that would disable him from answering his calls all day, or at least calling back eventually? The Destiny’s Child song, ‘Say my name’ came to mind, and began to play as the theme song for my newly born drama.

I got myself into a little fit, and at about eleven I gave in to my tantrum monstrous self and left him the nastiest message I have ever left anyone. I ended it on the misleadingly brave note that he should have a nice life and never call me again.

I regretted it as soon as I pressed END.

The rest of the night I proceeded to toss and turn. I couldn’t sleep. I began to remember all the good things he did. I realized all the possible positive reasons he couldn’t answer like for instance he could have been volunteering in a war zone and have no signal or he could be at another tae Kwan doe event and was too tired to get his phone. My list was endless.

By nine the next morning I was meek. I was a fool. How rude of me. I should wash my mouth out with soap. Did I really say all those awful things? So I called and left another message, more apologetic, yet dignified.

The Silence that has ensued is most irritating.

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