Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Failed Karma

Is it possible to pin point an event or even a day when life turned disappointing? As M pens these words, they stare out at her mockingly at the blank white screen. She sits coiled in her chair, her petite legs tucked neatly under her body in a vain attempt at keeping warm. Why is it so hard for maintenance to regulate the temperature in an artificial building? M has just suffered a life disappointment. Her ex boyfriend who she had dramatically dated for three years long distance (a relationship filled with impromptu and wildly romantic meetings, grandiose gestures of love), who later unceremoniously dumped her for an oddly named Venus, had now the ordasity to go about marrying the creature. M was no fool; she had always had a realistic view of the relationship and accepted the fact that they had never been a match made in heaven.

M was not mortified that the boyfriend was never going to come back, M was mortified that he had the nerve to marry the fling. The fling with preposterous name whom he had known for less than a year. To her it seemed that he was not getting any of the due karma like punishment her group of supporters had hinted at over the last year. Instead M realized the fling was being made respectable. The fling was being given social standing higher than M who is the rightful victim. It was this new situation that irritated M to no end. The loss of entitlement, or perhaps it was the finality of the entire thing. After all the one solace of a break up is the next meeting, when one looks fabulous and the ex makes one last vain attempt before being shown in no uncertain terms that they had made their bed and were now doomed to lie in it. Fate it seemed to M, was being rather cruel.

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