Wednesday, August 30, 2006

All good things must come 2 an end

Last night I saw Miami Vice, with my pseudo sugga daddy, who is moving to California next month. Sigh, must all good things come to an end?

It had all the ingredients of what should be a successful movie:
Love and supposed to be ‘steamy’ sex scenes, that didn’t quite work since Collin Farrel and the woman (whose heritage was supposed to be a mix between Asian and Spanish, but only resulted in a very distorted accent) had absolutely no chemistry, on the other hand Jamie Fox’s new body is rather scrumptious. Um Um good….
Possible tragedy, but then everything works out nicely in the end
Last but not least, the big bad guy got away… I smell a sequel??

On another note, Fathead, my seventeen year old brother, celebrated his one year anniversary with a girl I affectionately refer to as Baal. He took her to the CN tower. Now since I can’t say (since I have yet to celebrate an anniversary with someone) but at seventeen isn’t Jack Astor’s enough? I mean CN tower is a rather lavish affair. And what’s with the year celebration? They are seventeen. The whole thing is rather irksome. Oh Gosh I am one of those annoying and over protective sisters.

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