Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Thursday Regulars

Every Thursday afternoon I join the boyz for an afternoon lunch at Crystals, a local Jamaican joint, a few hop, skips and jumps away from work. Now the boyz take their Thursday lunch seriously, which means I must stealthy sneak out of the office so that no one is aware that I am taking an hour and half lunch. This usually involves me clutching my money in the palm of my hands, so there is no ‘bag’ evidence.

Lunch is always good times, and you tend to learn a lot from three trini’s and two Ja’s. First off you learn they will cut you up on any little thing. Second you learn how to laugh real hard, so that your sides hurt. Third you learn all sorts of interesting things on various topics like Sex, Basketball, Music, World War II….. High school was never this educational. Today’s topic of controversy, The conspiracy theory behind the US’s bball loss to Greece. According to my personal conspiracy theorists, it had to be rigged. Sure buddies, my theory is that they were partying it up like crazy in Japan/China and those little Asian gals wore them out.

I especially love the waitress who serves us….she always does it like she is doing us the greatest favour on earth.

So now I am here, tummy full, nodding off on my desk. Bless short weeks.

Tomorrow is going to be madness with martinis and girls trolling for a good time.

I did a somewhat unselfish thing today, which I am hoping will give me some relief. Which I suppose makes it a selfish thing.

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