Monday, October 02, 2006

I am so tired today.

What do you say to the man, who you waited three years for, who made you think about getting married and have little babies with, who you could have had a pretty ok future with, when he calls you and says he regrets giving you up.

Thing is he did give me up. For someone with the ridiculous name Venus. And he asked her to marry him. So I wish the selfish man, would keep his regrets to himself. And lie in the bed he has chosen.

I have my own broken heart to contend with. And if he hadn’t chosen someone else, I would never have met Draconian. I would never have realized that you could have someone that makes your insides tingle and sets your mind on fire. That it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

So I guess I have a lot in common with the selfish man right now, because I have regrets too.


Anonymous said...

'Draconian'.. damn chica you are good with the names!!

As for that convo outside Pizza Hut .. scarily familiar!! Gela had a similar post. What is WITH these women!?!?

Jennifer said...

he should have kept his regrets to himself. he lost the privelege of sharing them with you when he gave you up.

and what the heck kind of name is venus? what a turdy-pants.

Island Spice said...

I don't know why I came up as 'anonymous' there...