Monday, October 23, 2006

The Weekend Recap!

Friday night, I nursed my broken heart.

Saturday I looked at a nice condo, which sadly didn’t have a balcony or parking, two must haves in life. In the afternoon a good friend H, picked me up and we drove for about an hour and half up north, in a quest to admire fall. I posted a picture bellow of a couple we saw. Canada is gorgeous in fall.

In the night, my most wonderful friend S dragged me out. We went to C-lounge. Met friends I have not seen in while, met a ridiculously tall bouncer, who said I was ‘a sexy dancer.’ I am a petite girl, and so I reached just above his torso. Outside the club, we met a bunch of fellows celebrating a birthday. S said I should talk to the mouthy one, since he wasn’t bad looking. So I did, and we ended up giving them a ride to Bloor. Only along the way they kept trying to offer us money to drive them home, which was in the direct opposite direction from where we lived. They kept saying things like, let’s go for Chinese food, oh don’t worry we’ll pay or just drive us home and we’ll give you gas money. Now S and I do pretty well for ourselves, and frankly we don’t need anyone to buy us Chinese food or give us gas money. Nor did we ask, but they kept repeating it over and over again. Ugh…..pompous silly men.

We finally got rid of them, and had the most satisfying after a club snack at four am….may I hear a round of applause for……Mc Nuggets with Sweet and Sour Sauce…umm umm good….

I then got home and watched an hour of the Hitchcock ‘Birds’ movie…..who knew little birds could be so terrifying…..

Sunday four of us went to watch the ‘Last king of Scotland.’ A movie about the life of Idi Amin, told through a fictional character Nicholas Corrigan. I identified a lot with Nick. The first scene shows him sitting at the dinner table with his folks, about to fall into a predictable life of being a family doctor with his father. So Nick goes into his room and swirls his globe and points….first pick Canada….so he spins again (hehe How come my parent’s didn’t spin again??) and he touches on Uganda.

The movie was more about the nativity of people, as much as the genocidal and maniacal ways of Amin. I am guilty of Nick’s sins. I often feel trapped by the life I’ve been born into. Granted I am luckier than most. Growing up I was given tons of freedom. I’ve traveled extensively, yet I always come back to this life, where eventually I am expected and most likely will marry someone, have kids, get a mortgage, live a normal life. I take the subway each day and I see the same people, who’ve been doing the same routine for the last twenty years and I feel suffocated. And my mind wanders, thinking should I go volunteer somewhere or maybe just pick up and live somewhere for a couple of years?

The movie is interesting because it shows you quite accurately that a person’s nativity can land them in some hot water rather quickly. Adventure is often accompanied by danger. I know this first hand. Traveling through Barcelona my passport and wallet were stolen. I was lost, desolate and in a country that couldn’t care less. So I turned to the people I was running from, to save me.

Whew! This is getting to be a long post. Last but not least, after the movie we went to Il fornelo for dinner. The theatre we went to was located in a mall called Bayview Village, a very upscale area. In the restaurant we were the anomaly…..the only patrons of color and well bellow the average age of 55. I am not sure if this contributed to our shoddy service. It took them almost twenty minutes to take our order and they made it a point of dropping things off at our table without asking if there was anything we needed. One of the hostesses was a total ditz, we asked her for olive oil and vinaigrette, and we watched as she picked up the condiment holder and then proceeded to walk right by our table, until we started hollering at her. S was particularly upset that she wasn’t offered tea or coffee with her desert. In fact we had to ask for a desert menu. (Personally I was waiting for them to hand us the bill without offering to serve us desert, just to see S blow up. I have never seen her blow up and it would have been quite the sight.) All in all when you are spending more than $120 on dinner, I think it is your capitalist given right to expect decent service. Also they lost a fabulous amount of revenue on add ons…….


Stephen Bess said...

Interesting and eventful recap. I'll bet that most look at your life and want to be in your shoes. Thanks for sharing. By the way, I'm here via Gooders Girl blog. :)
I just wanted to comment on the film, "Last king of Scotland." I've been interested in seeing this film and now that I've read your impression of the it I really want to see it! Thanks. I hope that it is still here in DC. I think that it's only showing in maybe 2 theaters. Enjoy your week.

Crankyputz said...

Welcome! Welcome!

The movie dragged a little for me, but overall I thought it was quite well done.

Not sure who would want to be in my shoes. Am always up for a trade.....a life swap so to speak! lol!

Visit again soon! CP

Marika said...

That dinner sounded horrible...there's nothing worse than bad service. Do you have to tip in Canada, like in the US? Here, it's completely discretionary - you tip what you want, even if it's nothing. She should have gotten zilch, and a complaint to the manager!!