Tuesday, October 24, 2006

This morning I get a message from a head hunter.

Her message: “Hey CP, How are you, Long time no talk, I’ve got this really exciting opportunity available and I have to talk to you about it, Give me a call as soon as you have a chance.”

I am literally shaking with excitement. I begin to imagine, a new office, all things I would buy with the extra mullah, an exciting new title that includes Sr. somewhere…

Salivating I call her back,

CP: Hey HH, How are you? Got your message….

HH: Oh I have a cold….(and proceeds to whine about the cold for five minutes)

CP: (Polite grunts and suggestions of Buckleys)

HH: Oh so the reason I called is I have this exciting opportunity.

CP: (Fainting with excitement) Yes, Yes tell me more.

HH: It pays fabulously, a very senior role.

CP: (I am fabulous, I can do Senior)

HH: It’s a buyer role for an international company

CP: (Confused~ Last I checked I was still in HR)

HH: Describes the position in detail- So if you know anyone, do tell me about it.

CP: (Irritated silence…… This woman has to be kidding.)

Moral of the story, Head Hunters are like annoying telemarketers who tell you, you’ve won a fabulous trip to Mexico, and then inform you that you have to sign up for a timeshare!


Gooders Girl said...


Know what that feels like!

Jdid said...

oh that sucks

Crankyputz said...

Shysters the lot of them.

Welcome Jdid...

Marika said...


I'm sure the next call will be for you :)

Island Spice said...

Grey's Anatomy tonight .. are we on?

Crankyputz said...

We sure are! Here's hoping that Grey and McDreamy, finally get some guilt free love!

bitsandgiggles said...

At least your headhunter left a message. I've had one call my cell at least three times in a row without ever actually leaving a voicemail. Good wishes that the next call offers you something fabulous.

Crankyputz said...

Welcome Bits and Giggles, We are both Capricorns....(See profiles are useful)
Capricorns are fabulous Creatures...