Thursday, October 26, 2006

Whose Your “DAWG?”

Dearest Honorable (Insert official ass kissing title here) Peter McKay,

I must say I am rather disappointed with you.

You were doing so well.

Sure you had a bit of a hiccup getting dumped by BS, but hey you survived, you kept a stiff upper lip, you became foreign minister. You look great in grey suits.

And now this~

Peter (Insert official ass kissing title here) no matter how bad the break up is, you as an official government official, are never ever allowed to say mean childish things about an ex in public. That’s politics 101. Never say mean things in public. They always come back to bite you in the ass.

And now you refuse to apologize. Who is your PR person? Really…..Fire them immediately. Learn something for Bill Clinton (yes I realize she was with him too….but it is this very judgmental attitude that has landed you in hot water to begin with….let it go.) You can do anything, so long as you apologize and sound like you mean it. People would have understood. She treated you badly, hurt your impeccable ‘Honorable (Insert ass kissing title here)’ ego.

Apologize Petey! It is time. The public secretly like you. They are a little miffed with BS for her home wrecking ways. They want to fogive you, they don’t want to have dig deep and defend feminism again. They will forgive and forget. But you must apologize.

Oh yes, I am available to replace that useless PR person.


Lady Cranky Putz

(Awaiting special ass kissing title)

(Pssttt..........Background for Non Canadians:
Here is a quick history: Belinda Stronach, is the daughter and heir to the fortunes of Magna Corp. Miss BS quit daddy’s golden post to try her hand at politics. Since then she’s had quite a wild time. To quote Miss BS, she “is not the kind of lady that sits home on Friday night knitting.” Not our BS. Our BS frolics around with MPs, Presidents, and the most under performing married hockey player.

The newest hiccup in poor BS’s life comes from an ill-fated comment made by an ex boyfriend. Before BS crossed the floor to the Liberals, she was dating Peter McKay….who is also rumored to also be someone who doesn’t like to sit at home knitting on Friday nights. (CP apologizes profusely to all Members of Knitting Societies; you are the very fabric of society, without you people everywhere would be lacking in horse cushions, gloves and little booties…. I for one adore you.)

So McKay was in the House of Commons (our version of Congress) and a Liberal MP is reported to have asked him where his dog was. To which our creative (& bitchy) McKay replied, “You already have her.” Since the speaker of the house did not hear the comment, there is no ‘official’ record of it. McKay has gone on to deny making the comment, and refuses to apologize. Several opposition MP’s (honorable men that they are) have sworn affidavits that they indeed heard the comment. The Liberal party has seized this golden opportunity to disparage their hated rivals and are running with it, claiming that the conservatives are sexist horrible people. What surprises me is how short sighted and stubborn McKay is being. The calls for him to apologize are now calls for his resignation. A quick, clever apology would have put this behind him last week. Instead this little fiasco is going to seriously damage his reputation. Silly Silly McKay.)


Abeni said...

He needs a PR person like yesterday. That comment was better reserved for private company

Crankyputz said...

Absolutely, foolish men.