Wednesday, November 01, 2006


My obsession with this train wreck continues.

According to People Flava Flav is expecting his 7th child, from an unknown non flava flav contestant, according to the article:

"Flav has confirmed this and Deelishis is aware that after things did not work
with the season-one winner, Flav conceived a child with a woman he had been
dating on and off," the rapper's manager says.

So its just a matter of time till Deelishis kicks his behind to the curb. And inspite of them saying Flav's new baby mama isn't a flaverette, wouldn't it be priceless if it was New York???

Season 3 here we come.


Abeni said...

Makes you wonder why a FOL 2 eh

Crankyputz said...

Cuz dude needs variety. Seriously how many times were these women dropped on their heads at birth. Am I the only one who finds his ugliness so profound that even all his money can't hide it.

aarond said...

I am surprised Kami did not update you with the info that apparently Flav and Deelishus are broken up and that she is now dating Clinton Portis

Crankyputz said...

Goodness its true:

Check out

The article says the new baby mom thinks she is in a 'committed' relationship with Flava Flav....she needs to be committed....