Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How scrumptious is Mario Lopez on Dancing with the Stars?

Not only is he a natural and um tight dancer, every time I see those dimples, well let’s just say I could do a lot with those sexy dimples.
What I don’t understand is how they can get 9’s, while some of the others get 10’s. As far as I see there is no competition. Mario and partner are precision dancers, practically flawless; their movements are tight, yet sexy. And their obvious off air relationship adds a definite passion to their dance.

After watching Mario saunter all over the dance floor, S and I checked out a bar called 6 degrees in uptown. Live Cuban Band named Sabo Cubano was playing some sexy tunes. In honor of Halloween I was a kitty kat and S a sexy cowgirl. Some people took their Halloween dressing seriously. My favorites were the Tin Man (Though dude did look like he’d worn the same costume for the last three years,) Two Lady Cops, a Cuban Cop (Who looked more like a Cuban show gal) and a plethora of French maids/school girls.

Then I got to dance the night away, with sexy men who have accents.

I could definitely get used to salsa Tuesdays.

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