Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend Highlights:

First off Movie Reviews:

1 Thank you for not smoking is a terribly smart movie….classis scene… the tobacco lobbyist gets the audience to blame medical experts and cancer zealots for wanting the death of a cancer poster boy….he asks why he a tobacco lobbyist would want to see the child die, after all he would profit more by getting him cured and keep him smoking his product…..

Other memorable quotes:
On being asked why he lobbies’s for tobacco companies:
Nick Naylor: [out loud] "I just need to pay the mortgage." Nick Naylor: [to self] The Yuppie Nuremburg defense.

Nick Naylor: That's the beauty of argument, if you argue correctly, you're never wrong.

Joey Naylor: Dad, why is the American government the best government? Nick Naylor: Because of our endless appeals system

2 “Find me Guilty’ with Vin Diesel….wow he can actually act…who knew?

On West:
Saturday night went to West, a trendy ‘we need to create a New York like atmosphere’ type club. Living in Toronto, I’ve gotten a little spoilt with all the multiculturalism in our clubs. I tend to go into ‘multi cultural shock’ when I see too many of one kind of people. West was a yuppie haven. Observations…when white people are drunk, they lack any sort of dexterity and like to have make out sessions that start at one end of the club and finish at another and all through the way step on as many feet as possible. Also saw a Paris Hilton wannabe…who took her role playing way too seriously…she flashed us a couple of times, dirty danced….

Why is that when men are picking in you up these days, they start with references to other men? In TO the new trend is to have a Sax fella circulate once the house music starts. While enjoying the highs, a dude comes over and says, ‘so do you find that sexy, a man that plays an instrument.’ I look at him and think, are you pimping on Sax player’s behalf? Or are you about to tell me you play the drums? For the record, a good man never needs to ask a woman if she finds something sexy.

Major irritant: When I tell men that I hail from Scarborough, why is that not one of them can resist saying…oh you must be a gangsta??? And then proceed to make funny hand signs ….Right there that’s a deal breaker….

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