Thursday, November 23, 2006

A woman from my work was home for THREE days because something fell on her toe. She claimed her toe was damaged and she was in great pain.

And now she’s here, hobbling around in her stockings, as she claims not to have a pair of slippers fit for the task. She isn’t accepting donations either.


-Her foot is not in a caste.
-Her toe is not wrapped in bandages.
-She seems to be walking fine when no one’s looking.
-She went on a half hour shopping break.
-She keeps stopping every now and then to explain what excruciating pain she is in. I’ve heard four very varying explanations of how the accident occurred, yet no mention of a doctor, or x-rays.

I am contemplating, accidentally stubbing it.

I feel mean today.


Jdid said...

mash she corns! if they ask why tell dem a crazy fella on the net tell ya ta do it

Crankyputz said...

I did just that, and gave her your name for the inevitable law suit.....thanks !