Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Boyz call me at 8 am. On a three way call and they say "CP, We've been thinking.
You know how last year, you loved off Horsey ( Ronaldhinio) at the world cup, and you were his biggest fan, watching all the Brazil games, and such, making horse noises everytime he came on the field, talking up all sorts of scenerios of how you would exploit his fame and fortune once ya got married and such............. and you know what happened."

And I say, “Yeah they sucked and Lost.” (And began to mutter about what a waste it was to buy that overpriced $50 Brazil shirt all cuz i was caught up in the moment)

And they say “And remember that time we were at the Indian place during lunch and India was playing, you were like woweee India rules, and then they lost. Yes?”

And I say, “Well they were losing to begin with.....”

And they say, "And remember when you started cheering for Trinidad at the World Cup, yuh wore the shirt Dracs got yuh, n u tied up tryn to be all sexy n ting? We went to Island Mix and u get all boisterous and cheering? And then they lost???"
And I say, "You said they had and I quote "Nochance in hell" I mean heck, even they were surprised they made it!"

And they say, “And you know how yuh luv off Anthony Parker of the Raptors and scream Israel everytime he comes on??”

And I say, “Yeah but he's cool, cuz he shoots like 18 points in a game”

And they say, “Well he only does that rarely, and yesterday he gave out 10 turnovers”

And I say (pretending to know what a turnover is) “Well maybe he was tired, or Sam told him to.”

And they say, “Well we were thinking today, what is the common element amongst all these people and their losing ways, and it occurred to us, IT'S YOU

And the other one says, “Yuh curse. Yuh ever been baptized....yuh a Jumbie, Yes!” (Why do Trini people use Yes like as an exclamation mark??)

And I say (incredulously) “Let me get this straight, You think I am jinxing sports teams with my support for their players?”

And ‘all serious’ they say “YEAH, yuh the common link, the common Element, the Problem”

And I say, “But I thought we all agreed it was Sam??

And they say, “We thought so too, until we did our analysis. IT is definitely YOU, thus we need you to stop cheering....or rather we're going to pick someone for you to cheer from and conduct an analysis to see if its true.”

Bad enough I am having hardships in the dating arena, this fools now think I am a bona fide jinx.....


aarond said...

Ms. Putz I had forgotten the Indian heritage while I posted on my blog but like you I am sending it to every Indian I know, to be honest I am sending it to every dark skinned person I know.

Now that I know your sports abilities I have some teams that I think you should cheer for...Please cheer for the LA Lakers, the Australian cricket team, any NFL team that plays against the Chargers, Cowboys and Titans, the NY Yankees, Barbados Cricket team (no other sports team comes out of that island) and definitely Manchester United...not saying that these teams are rivals to my sports teams but since you seem to have 'abilities' why not share that joy with their fans. Thank you!

Lene said...

cheer for beyonce and lets see if she loses her voice for awhile.

lol @ "jumbie"

bitsandgiggles said...

I alwyas pretend I know what turnover is, too.

Andrew said...

Can you root for Payton Manning and the Colts? My wife thinks he's better looking than me.

Thanks for the sweet message on Jen's page.

Jen (and Andrew)'s husband side.


Crankyputz said...

Aarond, That is One long list Mister, I should start charging you. That forward was jokes...>Boaty call...I may post it here.

Andrew: Of the perfect couple....it's nice to see real people who love each other still exist.

B&G: Still only have the faintest idea what it is...

Miss Lenen, Since B came up with irreplacable, I'm back 2 being a BIG fan

Stephen Bess said...

I thought that I commented on this story but maybe not? It was funny though. I really enjoyed it. I don't think that you are a jinx at all. By the way, tell me if you like this poem for the women of the Caribbean?

Poetry: Columbus Day

GC (God's Child) said...

Andrew is on to something. Root for the other team!
I'm sure there is a way this can work for dating also. Like put energy into the guys that suck and sort of ignore the ones you really like.

cool destiny said...

So what is a turnover anyway???

I haven't heard that word "jumbie" since I was in high school and that was a loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnngggg time ago.

Are you a jinx fi true??? Tell mi from now cause I'll need to stay away from you for about 2 months or so ... need no jinx for that period :)

Just kidding dearie. You know I luv ya!

Leon said...

Can't blame 'em for thinking that. There have been far too many "co-incidences."

solitaire said...

Man, blogger was being silly...couldn't even post a comment.

Anyway, you're not a jinx...I don't believe in 'em. Therefore, they do not exist.

The Raptors are Craptors because they won't invest in solid players. It'll be a long time before they make it anywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if they folded in 5 years.

Crankyputz said...

I would like all 2 know that the Raptors, West Indies and Leafs won, and I watched all three games....SO UMPH!