Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hello All From Mumbai,

This is a quick off the top of my head post.

Flight was great....a little pankicy sinceI was subject to load. Had to work my magic on dude at JFK...finally got a seat in business class......14 hours later I was in Mumbai.

The funeral was an experience. My first real family funeral. Out here the family dresses the body, puts on the make up, then the body is taken to house, later we walked to the church with a funeral band booming in the back ground. It was crazy. It was a sad experience, watching everyone cry their heart out. At the burial site, the musquitos of mumbai feastedon my poor legs. I have like 50 bites on each feet. My mean cousins are threatening that I am going to get Malaira or Elphantitis.....

Later we got to go back and booze.

It's been fun catching up with the family, despite the sad circumstances.

My senses are on overload, there are more smells, people and nosie than I can handle.

Will update you guys when I can....the internet is a bit rare out here.

Thanks for your condolences.



GC (God's Child) said...

thanks for the post
was wondering how everything was going
A friend told me to rub peppermint leaves on mosquito bites--supposed to make them less painful or something. Sounds like you might need a peppermint farm though. Good luck with that.
Have a safe trip home.

Melody said...

Sounds like a vaccine might be enticin' to you right now. Stay safe.

gooders said...

I love funerals despite the obviously sad element. They are a celebration of life -- enjoy what you can!

Leon said...

I was gonna say "hope you enjoy yourself in Mumbai," but how can you enjoy a funeral? Strange what will unite family.

Abeni said...

Now getting here....my condolences on the loss. Hope you enjoy the time with family

Crankyputz said...

Hell All,

Thanks for all the well wishes!

Will try and post as often as I can.... finally found a good internet connection!

Jdid said...

glad to hear you made it down there safely
there is always more sensatory stuff outside toronto i find