Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year’s Eve learning’s:

Montreal is the coldest place to be on New Years Eve. Crappy weather is a guarantee…..picture four scantily clad women, soaked to the skin thanks to some fine freezing rain, unable to hail a cab, seriously considering faking a sickness so as to get a ride from an emergency vehicle. It was so cold, that I found myself running up to random cars, asking if they would drive us back to our hotel for $20.

Open Bars are the biggest waste of money. There are never enough bar tenders, you aren’t allowed to have a drink in each hand (and really the very point of a New Year’s Eve party is to have a drink on each hand,) and the drinks are so watered down that you wake up on New Years day feeling very refreshed and hydrated……instead of properly knackered.

Women over the age of 25 are obsessed with marriage. No matter how much scandalous fun we had in three days, the focus of conversation on the drive home was about men. One of my friends S cracks me up. We were casually discussing spending New Years 2009 in Rio. And S seriously replied, ‘well I don’t know if my husband will want to come.’ Excuse me, but you cannot give hypothetical person preferences. Another interesting comment that came up was on how S examines men for various detrimental genes that could potentially be passed on to her children. For instance someone introduced her to a fellow who wears glasses, and she seriously stated that she was having doubts about dude because her kids would get back eye genes. (She wears glasses herself, but since its low it somehow doesn't count….;)

Hugging your girlfriends on New Years eve is fabulous….because your sure they will still be there come March!

Perhaps I went to the wrong club, but no one can dance salsa in Montreal. I ended up dancing with a fellow from Toronto.

Random kindness from Bouncer who could speak no English but took a shine to me, made me feel warm and fuzzy. He took us out to eat, drove us around, and did not expect so much as a hug in return.

I hate that my office is still empty this week....grrrrrr.......

All in all, a wonderfully fabulous season. Now I have two weeks to recover from the many hangovers, before I leave for Mumbai!


GC (God's Child) said...

the drinks are so watered down that you wake up on New Years day feeling very refreshed and hydrated……instead of properly knackered.

very nice
good one

Leon said...

Happy new year Cranky! Great post, especially the marriage part!

bitsandgiggles said...

Happy New Year! Vermont was really, really cold, but at least there wasn't any freezing rain for New Years!

Abeni said...

So in agreement with the hugging your girlfriends at New Year's bit!

cool destiny said...


Crankyputz said...

Happy new year to all.

Abeni, it's so true, your friends are friends for life.

B&G, perhaps we can do Montreal one day! I had no idea Vermont was so close to it.

aarond said...

Now, now...no need to hate on NY'sE sometimes one just needs a random person to ring in the New Year. That sucks for y'all re your open bar situations, thankfully here you can soak up plentiful booze as fast as you can chug.

Aside can you hit me up with some contact info at my email pimpdaddy2u2@hotmail.com (I got it when I was 15 so cut me some slack)? Started up a private blog that requires invites

bitsandgiggles said...

Vermont is stil a few hours from Montreal...but it seems like a hop, skip and a jump after driving from Jersey to Vermont ;-) We will plan something that is not in the dead of winter!

kevian said...

Happy new year!!